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On the trade market, we're experimenting with the opposite end of the trade spectrum, where it's very easy to complete trades but more difficult to find the exact item you're looking for. You can search broadly by a specific item class or type, but have to look through a lot of search results to find the one you want to make an offer on. This system intentionally makes the search process harder and the trade process easier, for quite a different trade experience. We're not planning to bring it to the international PC version of Path of Exile.

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People who are heavily engaged in trade perform fewer item upgrades to achieve their final build. They get there in fewer steps, because they can easily buy items that are close to what they need. Simply put, their character progression is more about trading than it is about getting items from monsters. We believe that it is more fun to slowly and iteratively upgrade a character over time and to have a longer journey to gear a character up. Knowing that a monster could drop something that improves your character is a great motivator for playing one more level!

Complitely wrong, the game is not about "getting items from monsters for your gear" at all!
Pls, play your own game more than 1 hour.
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Pls, play your own game more than 1 hour.
He did, and even got to Mud Plains - it was fun! Then he spawned tabula with console and did the same, and it was too easy. Ergo, getting stuff easy is bad.
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As far as I am concerned any efforts to complicate and discourage botting are perfectly cool with me.

Botting and RMT culture has completely runied this game for me. SSF only from now on. It is specifically the trade culture... the gate keeping, the sniping of build upgrades via, and the "I got mine so eff you" mentality about this games player base is honestly the only thing keeping me from wanting to play the game. the trade economy is a showcase of the ugliest parts of capitalism and human nature... I hate it.
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2 BIG problems with your trade system:

1-> its bad to spend a map portal to going back to ho for trading.
2-> even worst to be 10 minutes sending pms to players and get no response.

Sometimes it gets me so mad about it that i just quit the game untill next day, even now i was trying to purchase some counter-thaumaturgy contracs and the first 30 pms had been ignored. I really like this game but the trade system and lack of joystic support makes me think if it worth my time and money(for the cosmetics).

Anyway if you are the people that let people in vacuum when they send trade porpouses, i wish u cancer.
Void_Seer wrote:
The more believable reason they wont bother implementing an AH is because people currently use etc and GGG doesn't need to deal with upkeep and maintenance of one of the biggest parts of their game.

I mean, that's basically everything that's awful about PoE in a nutshell.

A friend of mine recently started playing again and I directed her to PoB, Filterblade, and a few other third party tools to make things easier for her, and she was shocked that most of these things weren't in the game.

like, why would GGG fix an issue A: it doesn't see as broken, and B: that someone else will fix and maintain for them?

Botters will continue to thrive while the accessibility of the trade function is harder to use and more time consuming for actual players to use.
fix trade API, some currency and items not shown in trade site after listing with price.
Coming back to this after 3 years, it is still the most ridiculous thing I've heard out of a game developer since "Do you guys not have phones?"

This is basically, "Am I so out of touch? No, it's the players who are wrong."
This is a buff™
Came back because i forgot why i left, is this greedy on trade.
You know when you want to buy something, you go to seller and he say that is underpriced and kick you out? and if you say something to them they will report you and you get warning.
Ah and the fact that i have account from beta but was to horrible to play. Is time to take another long brake. Was a short visit that remind me how inflexible are devs. I guess it will be another d3 like francise that will fail for the same reasons.
LE. and you talk about POE 2 ? Same ugly engine, same mistakes? Now when LA is going to be launched in west? are you for real gran"pa?
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1.) The least they can do in 2021 is integrate this awful Trade System into the game so we won't have to ALT-TAB. It's not because it's hard, it's just mood ruining, makes the game feel rudimental and unpolished.
2.) Also, would be a good idea to receive trade proposals to your public stash tabs that you can accept or reject INBETWEEN MAPS, so you don't have to waste portals and time for every 1C trades.
3.) And not last, they should do something about the price fixers, at least make an option to REPORT obvious price fixing sales and get them temp banned or something. Another good idea would be to have an automated system in place that flags below-market prices and only allow the seller to have the offer available for a few minutes, if their intention is indeed to sell below market, otherwise they shouldn't be able to keep that offer up for a long period of time.

In a nutshell, A LOT CAN BE DONE, there's just no interest and it's sad to see this, as the game's biggest issue has always been the disastrous trade system. It's the one thing that prevents me from enjoying this game and playing it more, to be honest, seconded by the repetitiveness of going through all those 10 acts to reach mapping every freaking league.
This manifesto clearly states that GGG cares more for that minority 10% of no lifers than the 90% rest of playerbase.
They will be able to keep tackling end game content while the other can go f*&% theirselves.
While i could barely understand that in standard, i feel that it's stupid in a league system with a new fresh economy every 3 months.
We are restarting from scratch every time right (thanks to force us to play those damn 10 acts over and over btw ...)?
Then why the fear to "kill the game" if trading is made easy ??
It's a pile of bull$hit Chris and you know it.
I supported this game in the past but now it's the time to evolve otherwise i'll keep playing this game for free when i feel like (thanks for that of course!); no point in actively support a game which is not developed in a way i like (let alone the last leagues were a bugfest mess ...).
I really hope PoE2 fixes this trade crap (but i highly doubt it unfortunately).

Edit: oh i forgot that the chinese client already has TONS of QoL improvements ...
GGG is completely unreasonable for about 3 years now ... sigh
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