[3.3] League starter, pure physical Slayer Cyclone (Do Shaper with Kondo/ ISC UberElder down)

I am using this build for the Delve Season, but i have huge problems sustaining my mana pool.
i took tireless cluster and i am only running 70% reserved mana but still i cant perma spin and especially at bosses i run out of mana very fast.

Can someone check my setup and tell me what i could change?

ok i bought an additional jewel with mana leech, that solved my problem. but i still have problems with survining in red maps even though i have 6,3k life.
is there something i could do with my gem setup for better survivability?
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Pretty good build ty
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hope for updates
Feron wrote:
hope for updates

Herald of Purity(switch to Aspect of Spider if available), Blasphemy(Vulnerability), Dread/War Banner with Inc.Duration

Dread banner is more defensive with the reducing chance to hit effect, and you can get the banner stack during bossfight. But the impale effect is not very consistent for normal mapping.
War banner is more consistent at damage output, and Adrenaline provide great dmg burst(and 10% phys reduction) against hard surprise encounter during mapping.

Skill set:

With Syndicate encounter in every map, a Vaal Double Strike setup is almost standard for most phys-based melee build, I use it with my totem on a separate 5-Link. You can also dedicate a whole 5L for VDS for more burst, and leave totem on separate link just for buffing purpose. Also, with multiple totem support, you can have Warchief and Protector totem giving you buff at the same time, since multiple totem give you +2 totem cap, and it only summon 2 totem at once, leaving you one totem space to cast another.


Rare gears are very powerful this league with buffed master crafting and fossil crafting available together, so don't rely too heavily on uniques if you don't really need it.

Body armor: Get 6L astral from cards (cost <60 chaos total), craft with Pristine fossil and then master craft life%, the life provided easily match Belly of the Beast and can give you more resist.

A Tier2 Mana Cost reduction master mod(prefix) on one ring solve most mana problem for cyclone.
"Shock nearby enemy while focus" is very good on the other ring.

Get a cheap amulet on market with high life and int/resist (with 1 prefix open), then craft with T2 mod : (31–36)% increased Damage while Leeching and you get a better Carnage Heart for Slayer.

2 socket Tombfist is still too strong to beat with GG abyss jewel. But a rare glove with AS% high life and craft with (31–36)% increased Damage while Leeching is very competitive at early stage.

If you are playing Scion version, which don't need Devoto, you can get a Phys-taken-as-fire damage helmet from the Temple (or just buy a base), then craft with master mod (7–8)% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage to get up to 18% phys-dmg-taken conversion(yes, this two mod stack together), this is about 13.5% phys dmg reduction with 75% fire resist, very strong for Syndicate fight since many of them are heavy physical dmg based. You can also use cold/lightning version of the temple mod, with the drawback of being chilled/shocked randomly when crit by heavy phys dmg.

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this one is pretty cheap this league https://poe.ninja/challenge/unique-accessories/impresence-physical-onyx-amulet

With that amulet you should be able to run blasp+vuln, herald, aspect and banner i think.
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