[BR] Constant ping spikes (Tracert, Ping, WinMTR)

Completed 10 Challengesdanmarzola wrote:

1 of 10 maps are lagging so much that is impossible to play =/.

I can see that bb40be01.virtua.com.br is dropping 50%, but calling my ISP dind't solve.

I don't know that to do, lose 1/10 of my maps or stop playing.

All other games are fine.

Hi danmarzola,

As far as I can see, it really does look like there is some problem being introduced by your ISP here. I'm really surprised that this wouldn't affect other games.

I have run a MTR from the Brazil login server back to your IP address. I'll PM you the link to the results. I would recommend sending that through to your ISP to have a look at.

Edit: It looks like you and axelw have the same ISP, and are experiencing the same problem.
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Completed 2 ChallengesFitzy_GGG wrote:
Hi guys,

Just wanted to check if there is any improvement?

Its actually worse for me latelly.

Since july or august I have a lag spike every few seconds or so. It never stopped happening since then. (my post on the brazilian forum with other people's print screens too: https://br.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/4958)

Now besides that issue (that continues as it was), some instances are completelly laggy like that: https://i.imgur.com/UAzUXaV.png

My ISP is " vivo", optical fiber connection, and I live a few miles from softlayer's servers.

Can't post a mtr atm.
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When you get a chance gvieira, post one please as that really helps Fitzy out.

Also, if you get a particularly BAD instance, go into your client.txt file (Located in your POE install dir/logs folder) and look for the instance IP of the zone you were just in, and then run a MTR to that specific IP and post the results as well. That may help shed some light on this.
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Oh noooo the lag has return for me :(

Yep, they are still here.

Here is my MTR log since i'm also getting annoying spikes late on the night.


This was taken based on the IP of the last instance i was on, it was literally unplayable with all the stutter and freezing going on.
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I've escalated this back to our provider. It looks like the instability is being introduced by Telefônica Brasil.
Completed 2 ChallengesFitzy_GGG wrote:
I've escalated this back to our provider. It looks like the instability is being introduced by Telefônica Brasil.

What can we do to help fix this for good?

I remember quitting the last league because of this and I don't want to do it again
Sorry to bumb the thread, just wanted to say that the lag spikes are completelly gone, at least for me.

No lag spikes in a week or two.
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