[BR] Constant ping spikes (Tracert, Ping, WinMTR)

Completed 2 ChallengesFitzy_GGG wrote:
Our provider has noticed some improvement.

Could I ask someone to gather another WinMTR to br.login.pathofexile.com and put the results here, so I can pass on feedback?

https://pastebin.com/rhgz5xgi, hope it helps. The problem persists as of November 6th.
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Hi guys,

Just wanted to check if there is any improvement?
Yes, Fitzy, I believe it is ok for now.


Thank you for all the help, Fitzy.
Recent: https://pastebin.com/Riiweexa
Completed 5 ChallengesFatrick925 wrote:
Recent: https://pastebin.com/Riiweexa

You're located near Moscow? Why are you posting a MTR to Brazil here?
In Xbox, using São Paulo,BR server is the same... High latencies and many closes.
Xbox Version - Half game.

The problem still persists.
game is unplayable atm

Completed 4 Challengesaxelw wrote:
game is unplayable atm


Thanks for the MTR. It looks like your particular issue isn't coming from the same place as others in this thread. There's >25% packet loss being introduced between your home router and your ISPs first router. I would recommend getting in touch with them, and sending them that output so that they can fix it up for you.

1 of 10 maps are lagging so much that is impossible to play =/.

I can see that bb40be01.virtua.com.br is dropping 50%, but calling my ISP dind't solve.

I don't know that to do, lose 1/10 of my maps or stop playing.

All other games are fine.

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