Today, we're continuing our look at gameplay statistics from the Harbinger league -- specifically, which Ascendancies, keystone passive skills, and notable passive skills are most popular among high level players.

First, the Ascendancies:

All Harbinger Leagues Level 65+
Berserker 17.55%
Raider 10.91%
Necromancer 8.91%
Slayer 8.65%
Inquisitor 6.66%
Ascendant 6.46%
Gladiator 5.41%
Pathfinder 4.46%
Trickster 3.53%
Hierophant 3.15%
Chieftain 3.02%
Elementalist 2.85%
Saboteur 2.82%
Assassin 2.61%
Juggernaut 2.51%
Deadeye 2.10%
Occultist 1.96%
Champion 1.75%
Guardian 0.91%
Witch 0.83%
Marauder 0.66%
Ranger 0.60%
Duelist 0.51%
Shadow 0.46%
Templar 0.44%
Scion 0.29%

Patch 3.0.0 contained some of the broadest balance changes we've ever made. Even small balance changes can at times produce results that were hard to predict, but due to the combination of the broad balance changes and the new content and skills, this league has created a perfect storm for the Berserker to rise to the top.

Berserker is far and away the most popular class pick among characters above level 65, with nearly twice as many Berserkers as any other class. There are a few factors contributing to Berserker's popularity. Primarily, Vaal Pact with high damage and a little leech is a very effective way to stay alive in most situations. On top of that, Dark Pact was a popular early pick for many players, and was very effective as a life-based Berserker.

It's interesting to see that 3.5% of players above level 65 did not choose an Ascendancy. That number changes to less than 0.02% when we look at characters over level 90:

All Harbinger Leagues Level 90+
Berserker 22.597%
Slayer 12.101%
Raider 11.940%
Pathfinder 9.785%
Necromancer 7.599%
Gladiator 5.984%
Ascendant 5.901%
Inquisitor 5.112%
Trickster 2.956%
Chieftain 2.843%
Saboteur 1.941%
Juggernaut 1.716%
Champion 1.692%
Hierophant 1.677%
Elementalist 1.544%
Guardian 1.466%
Occultist 1.352%
Assassin 1.009%
Deadeye 0.761%
Ranger 0.007%
Templar 0.006%
Shadow 0.005%
Duelist 0.002%
Witch 0.001%
Marauder 0.001%

At these very high levels it is clear to see the absolute dominance of the Berserker Ascendancy. However, if we look strictly at the Hardcore Harbinger leagues we see an interesting shift:

Harbinger HC Leagues Alive 90+
Necromancer 15.59%
Berserker 12.71%
Gladiator 9.43%
Slayer 7.45%
Ascendant 7.07%
Trickster 6.65%
Inquisitor 6.08%
Raider 5.09%
Chieftain 4.90%
Guardian 4.86%
Juggernaut 4.81%
Champion 3.75%
Hierophant 2.85%
Pathfinder 2.55%
Saboteur 2.03%
Occultist 1.96%
Elementalist 0.94%
Deadeye 0.87%
Assassin 0.33%
Ranger 0.07%

Necromancer is, surprisingly, the number one pick for hardcore players. The Berserker lives (and dies) based purely on how well it can leech from monsters, making them vulnerable primarily as they approach and move between these packs. Hardcore players require more proactive forms of defense, which is where the Necromancer's Mistress of Sacrifice really shines.

Let's take a look at the SSF league data. This is from both Standard and Hardcore SSF Harbinger leagues:

Harbinger SSF leagues 90+
Berserker 16.45%
Gladiator 13.24%
Necromancer 11.45%
Slayer 10.95%
Raider 9.16%
Trickster 7.65%
Ascendant 5.50%
Inquisitor 5.18%
Chieftain 3.57%
Juggernaut 2.84%
Occultist 2.57%
Hierophant 2.52%
Saboteur 2.38%
Champion 1.79%
Elementalist 1.47%
Pathfinder 1.47%
Deadeye 0.82%
Assassin 0.60%
Guardian 0.37%
Marauder 0.05%

The SSF meta is virtually a split between the combined and Hardcore league metas, even though the Hardcore SSF population is comparatively very small. Gladiator and Necromancer point to a strong preference for using Block as a primary defense on SSF leagues.

Let's look at which Keystones are most popular in the Harbinger leagues:

Top Keystones in Harbinger Leagues

All Solo Self Found Only Hardcore Only
Vaal Pact Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter
Resolute Technique Resolute Technique Resolute Technique
Acrobatics Acrobatics Ancestral Bond
Mind Over Matter Ancestral Bond Elemental Overload
Elemental Overload Elemental Overload Acrobatics
Point Blank Vaal Pact Elemental Equilibrium
Ancestral Bond Elemental Equilibrium Vaal Pact
Elemental Equilibrium Phase Acrobatics Iron Reflexes
Phase Acrobatics Iron Reflexes Phase Acrobatics
Iron Reflexes Point Blank Blood Magic

Vaal Pact is the most popular keystone overall, but is only 6th in SSF leagues, and 7th in the Hardcore leagues. In both of those variants, Mind over Matter reigns supreme. Notably, Resolute Technique is the second most popular keystone across the board, with Acrobatics not far behind overall. This is actually pretty healthy, and shows a pretty good split between the left and right sides of the passive tree (though the keystones at the southern end of the passive tree are comparatively not very popular).

Next, notables:

Top Notables in Harbinger Leagues

All Solo Self Found Only Hardcore Only
Discipline and Training Discipline and Training Discipline and Training
Constitution Retribution Retribution
Retribution Occultist's Dominion Warrior's Blood
Art of the Gladiator Constitution Constitution
Bravery Warrior's Blood Heart of the Warrior
Heart of the Warrior Heart of the Warrior Sanctity
Warrior's Blood Art of the Gladiator Occultist's Dominion
Coordination Sanctity Art of the Gladiator
Occultist's Dominion Bravery Bravery
Sanctity Born to Fight Born to Fight

"Discipline and Training" and "Retribution" are two of the top three Notables across the board, and they're both located near the Templar's starting area. "Discipline and Training" is one of the best sources of Life in the tree, and is close to several other clusters that are suitable for a wide range of builds.

Several notables from the Marauder and Duelist starts are also prominent picks. Finally, let's take a look at each Ascendancy's favourite keystone and notable:

Ascendancy Class Most Taken Keystone Most Taken Notable
Ascendant Mind Over Matter Constitution
Assassin Acrobatics Blood Siphon
Berserker Resolute Technique Heart of the Warrior
Champion Resolute Technique Bravery
Chieftain Ancestral Bond Warrior's Blood
Deadeye Acrobatics Finesse
Elementalist Mind Over Matter Heart and Soul
Gladiator Resolute Technique Art of the Gladiator
Guardian Zealot's Oath Sanctity
Hierophant Mind Over Matter Discipline and Training
Inquisitor Mind Over Matter Discipline and Training
Juggernaut Resolute Technique Warrior's Blood
Necromancer Elemental Equilibrium Heart and Soul
Occultist Mind Over Matter Deep Wisdom
Pathfinder Acrobatics Finesse
Raider Acrobatics Finesse
Saboteur Mind Over Matter Coldhearted Calculation
Slayer Resolute Technique Bravery
Trickster Mind Over Matter Coordination

There are not many surprises here -- most classes have either Resolute Technique, Mind over Matter or Acrobatics as their primary keystone. These are solid picks that provide a heap of survivability or solve a problem with little extra investment.

There are a few notable things, however. All of the Ranger's Ascendancies prefer the same keystone and notable, and the Necromancer's most popular keystone is… Elemental Equilibrium! A solid damage pump for Raging Spirits summoners who can smack enemies with an element different to their minions.

That's it for this stats roundup. We hope you found them as enlightening as we did.
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