3.0 - Assassin - COCSMAN DISCHARGE - Uber atziri/Shaper/guardians easy - 2 mill+ dps vs shaper

i get excited when i see a coc build post, but then i remember how garbo it is and the amount of currency you need to dump to enjoy it. Sure you can kill guardians and shaper, but based on your pastebin you're going to get chunked pretty hard by just about everything guardians+ and with a modded map you're probably going to have a good time getting oneshot by mino and cheesed by phoenix smol birds sigh. This build is misleading lul.

aoe is garbage, this build isnt nearly as fast as you think but vbreach with hh makes hydra and mino a joke i willsay that, also lets you dunk high tier maps while using frenzies and infinite flasks.
Last edited by Jangerson on Nov 28, 2017, 1:57:21 PM
I think it's mostly the same except for the new lightpoacher helm. Have you thought of updating the guide? One of my favorite builds in Garbinger.

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