[3.1] BUDGET! Frostbreath + Ice Crash - 1 Million Shaper DPS

If I were to run this build in Bestiary - I would do it as a Champion. Nothing wrong with Inquisitor. Champion just seems better.

This is the budget version of the build I am working towards in 3.1 Abyss:


3.1 Hydra Deathless: https://youtu.be/yhXoI-Qr5rU

BUDGET CONFIRMED! 3.1 Update #7 20171226: Crazy time of year. Hit 90 today. Had a Hydra map. Ran it unmodded - deathless. Feels good. Xavathos and I have been throwing ideas back and forth on the build. Xavathos found that taking Heart of the Warrior (Marauder start) and Ambidexterity (duel weild cluster) are just amazing. The extra regen is useful and the attack speed buff from Ambidexterity is crazy. I will make a short write up about not using Lyosidae and put the old guide in a spoiler.

Here is my pastebin - this is the setup I had in the Hydra video: https://pastebin.com/fW3ivd4Q

Abyss League Trial and Error

BUDGET CONFIRMED! 3.1 Update #6 20171221: I haven't been playing much - work, family, holidays, daughter's birthday tomorrow. Played a bit today though. Made it to 83. Here is the big item change: Drop one unique without life for another. Don't worry about Pandemoneous. It's a long ways off. Equip a rare amulet with added cold damage to attacks, life and whatever resists. Equip the (underrated) unique helmet Deidbellow. Slot in a Rallying Cry. That 10-20 physical damage to attacks is all converted to cold in this build. Everything on this helm is perfect for this build. Cast Rallying Cry and get a buff on par with onslaught. Boom Boom. In my end game setup Deidbellow over Pandemoneous offers the exact same damage. Here is my current pastebin:

BUDGET CONFIRMED! 3.1 Update #5 20171218: Ok. I have a budget confirmed RT version of the build without Lycosidae, Tsalio's and Pandemonius. Changes... take RT. Use Abyssal jewels with Flat cold damage to attacks and cold damage to attacks with maces. No shield. All green rolled Prismatic Eclipse in your offhand. Per POB with my character from last league with these changes (abyssal jewels and prismatic eclipse) I should be able to top 1M shaper DPS. I will update the guide once I hit 90 and have the gear and passives.

Made it 78 tonight. Work, wife, kids, family, holidays... not much time to play.

BUDGET? 3.1 Update #4 20171217: level 71 Ice Crash for clearing and Glacial Hammer for bosses. Frostbreath engaged. Mapping started in early phases.

BUDGET? 3.1 Update #3 20171216: I stopped at level 46 before calling it and spending time with the family. I am starting today with a a couple levels away from Frostbreath. Equip that thing plus a shield and we're in business. Now the question is which shield to use? I think I'll use my own shield and rock the Great Old One's Ward until I come across a sweet elder or shaper shield. Still running Glacial Hammer. It's stupid fun.

BUDGET? 3.1 Update #2 20171215: Actually leveling this character right now. Please do not think in any way that Pandemonius or Tsalio's Sign are required. I explicitly say that Tsalio's Sign was cheap and provided the damage equivalent to a good Opal Ring. Pandemonius is our chase item. Not required but is damn nice. Lycosidae on the other hand... Rolling around RT right now. Will keep it that and see if I can find a way to top 1 mil shaper DPS with EO. Level 26 right now leveling with Pillar of the Cage God, Glacial Hammer + Ancestral Call and 2x Winter Burial. It's stupid fun. Abyss Jewels are going to be stupid OP for this build. Here is my level 26 pastebin.

BUDGET? 3.1 Update #1 20171207: Night before Abyss league launch. Buff to Ice Crash AoE, YAY! Not sure how rare the Lycosidae shield will be after the drop nerf. Safest to rush to Resolute Technique and not take Elemental Overload until you find out if the Lycosidae shield will cost an arm and a leg. Will maintain budget tag on the build until we find out more. Passive tree would look like this:

Note: this build was heavily inspired by this guy: https://youtu.be/-e005rVFTuE

Build of the week! S07E06 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2013430/page/1#p14950755

I appreciate all constructive criticism and suggestions. If you think you can improve, say so in the thread! If I missed something, say so! Thanks and I hope you enjoy. This build is just for fun - not trying to win anything or be the best at anything.

Elevator speech on the build concept:
Start cheap. Use Frostbreath, Prismatic Eclipse with Added Cold Damage support to scale damage. Pick up Cold Damage to attacks on as many pieces of gear as you can, Frostbreath doubles it.

-Not Berserker
-Non-crit Shattering of Enemies
-Looks amazing
-Cheap - with ability to scale
-Consecrated ground is pretty good, especially with Soul of Arakaali
-Great Attack Speed - 200%+ attack speed - shield charge zoom zoom
-No issues with most bosses
-Breaches and Harbingers are cleared insanely fast

-Not Berserker
-No Vaal Pact
-Not your billion DPS build for Standard League
-Can't facetank everything

Why Inquisitor?

I share this later in the guide also but let’s get the Inquisitor Pastebin out for comparison: https://pastebin.com/HTe8r6uE

The most common question and criticism I get about this build since it’s been named Build of the Week is “Why Inquisitor? Why Inquisitor with no Crit? Berserker, Raider or Ascendant are so much better. Inquisitor sucks. 5% crit chance weapon Inquisitor lol.”

The answer is simple. It’s the highest damage and survivability you can get for your investment. Most people only see Inquisitor as one-trick Pony for crits with Inevitable Judgement. But let’s look deeper.

The two commonly compared ascendancies are Berserker and Raider. Below I will make basic comparisons and provide a PoB Pastebin so you can look at all of them and compare for yourself:

Quick, down and dirty comparisons on 113 point investments:

Berserker: +3 points to get out of starting area, +7 points to reach Vaal Pact. +10% more damage taken (18% more elemental damage taken if you account for losing Augury of Penitence). After value based trade-offs for those 10 points you’ll end up with less life and / or less damage. I couldn’t find a way to end up the same or more of either. Don’t go Vaal Pact and the two are close in damage with Berserker having less survivability.

Here is the Pastebin for the no-Vaal Pact Berserker using 113 Points what 7 points would you sacrifice to reach Vaal pact? You’re already doing less damage than the Inquisitor and have less survivability: https://pastebin.com/vaYhd7UF

Raider: +2 points to get out of starting area, +5 points to get 2 Frenzy Charges. WAY more movement speed. Phasing. Dodge. Less damage for the investment. You can do equal damage to the Inquisitor if you get a 5 Exalt, corrupted +1 Frenzy pair of Darkray Vectors, use Ice Bite and get 7 more levels. Types of survivability are good in both classes – just different. Zippy-zip shield charging with that movement speed. Trade damage for movement/clear speed.

Here is the Pastebin for Ice Bite, +1 Darkray Vector Raider using the same 113 Points: https://pastebin.com/pea3Dv4m

Now, why does the Inquisitor do so well with this setup?
Basic stats then an in depth review of each Major Node.

*130% Increased Damage
*49% Attack Speed
*16% More Damage
*8% Elemental Damage Reduction
*6% of Maximum Mana Regenerated per second (this is different than Mana Regeneration Rate) 600 maximum mana is 36 flat mana regenerated per second that then gets boosted by Mana Regeneration Rate. For comparison, a Level 20 Clarity gives 17.2 mana per second
*7% Life Regen
*Immune to Shock, Chill, Freeze and Ignite
*6% All Resistances

1. Instrument of Virtue: 50% Attack Damage when we cast Frost Bomb, check. 20% Attack Speed because I am attacking, awesome. No brainer here.

2. Sanctify: Consecrated Ground gives 6% life regen. We get it when we’re hit, or when we kill. It’s always up against bosses and while clearing. Then, 40% damage while on it? I’ll take it. Didn’t get Consecrated Ground where you’re standing at this very moment? Sulphur Flask has you covered.

3. Pious Path: Cannot be affected by Elemental Ailments while on Consecrated ground. We make Consecrated ground, everywhere. We’re pretty much immune to these ailments barring ground effects while moving. 6% mana regen? Bye-bye mana concerns. 25% attack speed? Perfect.

4. Augury of Penitence: Nearby Enemies take 16% increased Elemental Damage. This is flat-out 16% MORE elemental damage. It’s the same thing as everyone’s newly loved Belt of the Deceiver. Nearby Enemies deal 8% less Elemental Damage. Enemies do 8% less elemental damage to you! Awesome.

In closing. If you look beyond the Inquisitor’s Inevitable Judgement node for crits, this beast was made for Elemental Melee.

Required Items

1. Frostbreath - This is the weapon the build is designed around. It's cheap. Listed at 1 Jeweler right now. It's vendor trash. But we're taking advantage of the new chill mechanics. Cost? You probably already have three.
2. Prismatic Eclipse - Stupid amounts of attack speed (all green sockets). Cost = 1alc
3. Wise Oak - Yay penetration! Cost 7c
4. Tasalio's Sign - NOT REQUIRED. This is a great stepping stone to your GG end game Opal Ring. Bloodlines exlusive but they get put out on market for less than 10c.

5. Cold Steel - NOT REQUIRED. I wouldn't take the Retaliation notable if I wasn't using this. It just feels so darned efficient. Cost 1alc
6. Deidbellow - NOT REQUIRED. This Helmet is insane. Throw in a warcry and it's just meant for this build.
7. Hrimburn, Southbound, Volkuur's Guidance, Tombfist Rare w/ Added Cold and Attack Speed
Gloves Explanation

You need one of these four gloves. The gloves slot is huge for damage. You need to
1. Hrimsorrow / Hrimburn - cheap, can be equipped early. Comparable damage to other gloves. 5c
2. Southbound - decent life addition, damage is good. Find a way to put a DoT on enemies your freeze isn't reliable. 1c
3. Volkuur's Guidance (cold) - ignore the poison bit. The added cold is massive on these monsters. The other stats are worthy of the slot. 4c
4. Rare Gloves with Added Cold and Attack Speed - this is your best option. Look for life, high roll of added cold damage to attacks and attack speed or an open suffix to master craft attack speed. 10c
5. Tombfist - double Abyss jewel sockets. Stupid amounts of damage and utility. 50c

Less than 30c for the core items and you're well on your way to end game content.

The Pandemonius - This is your chase unique. This is what all your farming is pushing for. It is not required at all, but it does add about 15% more DPS and crazy defense with Blind.


Craft with Essence of Suffering

Path of Building Pastebin

Current items and tree @ lvl 90:

What I want with The Pandemonius and an Opal Rings 1.12m Shaper DPS:

Tasalio's Sign ring is comparable to the Opal Rings - just no life. Shaped Rings are also good. Look for Cold Damage to Chilled or Frozen Enemies.

Gem Links

Main Skill:

-- This is the setup that I have found works best. I have zero issues chilling anything.

1. Ice Crash -priority on quality
2. Added Cold Damage -priority on quality
3. Concentrated Effect
4. Elemental Damage with Attacks
5. Hypothermia
6. Ruthless or Cold Penetration
Path of Building gives Ruthless more DPS than Cold Penetration (yes, Shaper/Guardian is selected). With all our other penetration and attack speed it so crazy it must just be right.


1. Whirling Blades
2. Fortify
3. Curse on Hit
3. Frostbite

Mana Reserved:
1. Haste for Speed OR Hatred if you have a lot of Physical Damage or Blasphemy Frostbite for easy application - you can use this reservation for anything you want: Grace, Herald of Ash, Blasphemy, etc. Haste gives more speed. Purity of Ice helps more against reflect with that max res.
2. Herald of Ice

--Trigger Setup
1. Cast When Damage Taken - level 1
2. Immortal Call - level 3

1. Ancestral Warchief
2. Added Cold Damage
3. Elemental Damage with Attacks
4. Concentrated Effect

Filler Gems:
1. Vaal Haste or Lightning Golem
2. Blood Rage
3. Increased Duration
- Frost Bomb - fit this in somewhere - super important

Frostbite - this is linked in our whirling blades setup or on a blasphemy.

Weapon Explanation

"Attacks With This Weapon Deal Double Damage to Chilled Enemies". This mod is why we're using this weapon. We add flat cold damage everywhere we can. The chill duration and freeze come naturally. The damage output is rather respectable.


As much Attack Speed as you can get!
1. Attack Speed with Maces
2. Attack Speed with One Handed Melee Weapons
3. Attack Speed while Holding a Shield
4. Attack Speed
5. Attack and Cast Speed

You're looking for >14% total attack speed. Attack speed scaling is better than damage scaling, by alot.

You will also want one Cold Steel Jewel to put in the Socket right next to Golem's Blood. This converts all the "Melee Physical Damage while dual wielding" into "Melee Cold Damage while dual wielding". It's a pretty big damage increase.

Abyss Jewels

As much Cold Damage as you can get!
1. Cold Damage with Mace Attacks
2. Cold Damage to Attacks
3. Maximum Life


Flask Importance
1. Sulphur Flask - We're an Inquisitor taking all the buffs on Consecrated Ground. This flask guarantees those buffs, plus 40% increased damage.
2. Silver Flask - Onslaught.
3. Atziri's Promise or Rumi's Concoction - more damage and leech
4. Wise Oak - more penetration
5. Life Flask

Passive Tree

Current Level 90 tree - http://poeurl.com/bH1B

Bandit and Pantheon

Kill all. Those two passive points turn into a lot of attack speed in the form of a jewel or the Berserking notable.

Soul of Arakaali - capture Herald of Thunder for the increased life recovery - consecrated ground and leach love this

Soul of Tukohama - the buffs while standing still taking out abyss cracks

Leveling Up!

Leveling Gems for Pillar of the Caged God: Glacial Hammer, Ancestal Call, Chance to Bleed, Melee Physical Damage. Herald of Ice and Herald of Ash equipped.
As soon as you hit 50 drop your two hander and equip Frostbreath. 3 levels later equip Prismatic eclipse.

League starting: start out using Sunder and Two Handers
Glacial Hammer and Ancestal Call - Grab Pillar of the Caged God, Meginord's Girdle and Iron Rings. Socket a Winter Burial jewel ASAP.

Start moving towards the Duelist area, picking up tons of Strength and Berserking along the way. This gives you a lot of stats to scale Pillar of the Caged God.

Golem's Blood, Vitality Void, Fangs of Frost, Thick Skin, Primeval Force, Winter Spirit and Herbalism. Picking up Amplify as soon as you start using Ice Crash.

@ Level 90: Elemental Overload, Amplify, Devotion, Retaliation

Useful Uniques:
-Prismweave - with all the craze about using Belt of the Deceiver right now, this belt is missed by many attack based builds. It's a huge damage increase, leveling and into maps. Use this at level 25. Put something else on later that has Elemental Damage with Attacks and a life.

-Karui Ward
-Tabula Rasa
-Wanderlust / Seven-League Step
-Elreon Rings
-Meginord's Girdle
-Hrimsorrow / Hrimburn
-Ondar's Clasp / Sadima's Touch
-Limbsplit, Wideswing, Geofri's Baptism, Pillar of the Caged God

Ascendancy Order

Normal - Instruments of Virtue
Cruel - Sanctify
Merciless - Augury of Penitence
Uber - Pious Path

Gameplay and Videos

Current Videos
T15 - Hydra

T11 - Waterways

3.0 Videos
T12 - Vault Map

T12 - Plateau

Xoph's Breach

T15 Courtyard

T15 Abyss

T16 - Chimera (sound is out)

T16 - Minotaur

T16 - Hydra

Current Gear

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Interested in this build,
any other considerable option beside a belly?
thank you
Dukart wrote:
Interested in this build,
any other considerable option beside a belly?
thank you

Sure is. I used a cheap corrupted rare 6L chest for a long time. Just looked up 6L, RRRGGB for colors and enter a number for life. You'll find a 6L chest for Cheap.

Unique chests: Carcass Jack, Perfect Form, Lightning Coil, Daresso's Defiance,
HC viable?
Malbec wrote:
HC viable?

With adjustments to take more life and better reflect protection I don't see why not. Haven't played hardcore since Tempest though.
shaper viable?
I like the idea of this build and I'm going to give it a shot. I've been on the hunt for something like this ever since I saw the Thunderpunch BoTW video and wanted to do something similar but with cold skills.

I doubt that my experiments with a more shield charge and HoI focused variation of this will prove fruitful, but at least I'll have a solid foundation to fall back on with Ice Crash.

Thanks for working this up!
gucarva wrote:
shaper viable?

Sure is.
Stoops417 wrote:
I like the idea of this build and I'm going to give it a shot. I've been on the hunt for something like this ever since I saw the Thunderpunch BoTW video and wanted to do something similar but with cold skills.

I doubt that my experiments with a more shield charge and HoI focused variation of this will prove fruitful, but at least I'll have a solid foundation to fall back on with Ice Crash.

Thanks for working this up!

Good luck! Interested in your results!
I'm doing the same build, though i will try to use faster attacks gem in the 6L , instead of hypothermia/conc effect - this way, maybe i will take some more nodes for health , since i think the attack speed is good.
Maybe around lvl 95, Vaal Pact could be good option?

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