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Parhelius wrote:
anil1164 wrote:
Hey guys im using 6L herald of ice on my chest , what my gems should be on gloves for bossing ?? Im using 4L barrage ( barrage + el. dmg with atcks + added cold + el. focus ) for now , do you know any better setup or should stay with that ?

Obvious upgrade from this would surely be a 6L barrage (weapon swap chin sol for example). Slower projectiles + increased critical strikes. You could then expand your CWDT setup (e.g. add increased duration and maybe something like phase run) and shift your herald/aura into another 4L with a portal and enlighten, as per the guide.

Thanks for you suggestions , you can check my new setup . I got 6L offhand chin sol and replace my barrage setup from gloves to chin sol with inc crit + slower projectiles gem . I bought drillneck for chin sol quiver i dont know its best option for bosses or not . Upgrade my cwdt setup with inc duration and summon stone golem . The other enligten ( 4lvl ) + grace + wrath + portal when fighting with bosses im using grace and removing portal then put into that slot war banner for bossing ( more accurate etc. ) , wrath for farming . What do you think ?
I know nothing about war banner, but otherwise that all sounds fine. If it's a +1 drillneck then that's fine, if not then i'm not sure how useful it is in conjunction with barrage.
Can one of you guys take a quick look at my MF character (FrenchFryAssassin) and suggest any upgrades or changes that I should make?

Edit: Changed gear and tree for delve farming so its not MF currently
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Deims wrote:
Can one of you guys take a quick look at my MF character (FrenchFryAssassin) and suggest any upgrades or changes that I should make?

Edit: Changed gear and tree for delve farming so its not MF currently

- Sadima's with ele weakness corruption
- Starkonja's with +2 TS projectiles enchant
hello there , nice guide you have there . I have one question ,if i want to buy headhunter i am left with 20 e...which part do i have to go budget ? (helmet ? , rings? )
Hi guys, need some help and advice on how I can upgrade my gear next.
What stats should I look out for? Anything in my equipment that has huge upgrade potential?

Thanks in advance!
Selling out my version, did it as a Pathfinder, but really this build is so not worth the time and currency I've plugged into it.

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Anyone have a 3.6 updated skill tree? Edit:/PoB
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Anyone have a 3.6 updated skill tree? Edit:/PoB

This is what I did until someone who might know a better route speaks out. My character is only lvl 92, I just modified the original POB tree to make this so it's the only thing I changed just to show you how I did the 3.6 change.

https://pastebin.com/AkJ0p13r - New link

EDIT: I made some changes last night just messing around and taking Fangs Of The Frost on the lower part of the tree made the build feel so much more satisfying. More freezing and shattering = more currency! All of my abyss jewels have quad flat damage or triple flat damage with good supporting mods, so all that damage and elemental penetration work great together.

I gave up the Cloth And Chain nodes to the lower left side of the tree so I lost some RES and Evasion % but my resistances are still maxed and movement speed feels great still. (Im only lvl 92 anyways, can always pick them back up later)

Also was looking at taking Fangs Of The Viper, or Coordination on the top part of the tree.

I wish someone else would chime in on what they are doing!!
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Hey, I've been playing this build in 3.6 synthesis and its doing good. I had some issues act 7-10 with leveling gear but things worked out once I got level 80+. Running lots of burial chambers now. I got a trapper for harder content. Also I'm not using windripper as I found this sick bow instead. Also I'm using poachers mark + mana gain on hit from my quiver to deal with mana because I don't have the jewel to pick up the claw nodes. I'm also running haste as an aura and using vaal haste/grace for clutch situations.
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