[3.0] Crypt0's Heavy DPS RF Build - 1.57M DoT DPS [Berserker] - Deathless Shaper & Uber Atziri/ULab

In an effort to continue to min/max this build at all costs, I have sacrificed some life nodes in the tree to take Skittering Runes. Keep in mind that I effectively run a tri-curse setup so YMMV, but I'm now running 1.57M DoT DPS with 9.6k life. Shaper even easier now.

Added a section for 'Budget Gear' selections. Was able to do Uber Lab and successful Shaper runs using the budget gear.

Beachheads are so boring. Just got to level 96. I decided to spec out of Oak bandit reward and take 2 passives instead. I can still sustain. Now I'm able to grab the jewel socket to the right of Cruel Preparation. I am officially at 1.4M DoT DPS now without relying on any bonuses from shock.

I've added a link to my deathless Uber Atziri run. It's more methodical than fast. I swap in some chaos res gear for trio and constantly swap in/out flasks for upcoming fights. Yes life-based RF can do deathless Uber Atziri just like the big boys.

My DoT DPS is now comfortably above 1.3M without relying on the shock bonus. If you could somehow figure out how to get a max shock bonus on this build you'd be looking at 1.77M DoT DPS. I am in the process of min/maxing with some upgrades below. It's getting to be expensive now though.

I have never written a build guide before but so many people were asking for details I thought I would give it a go. This is a work in progress. I will be adding more detail as time permits...

Let me start by saying that my DoT DPS relies on using Elemental Equilibrium correctly, EO, your opponent is shocked, and your flasks are up. With that said, this combination represents 90% of the time I'm playing.

I started with Pohx's build for RF. Obviously we run Marauder and I chose Berseker for the same reasons Pohx lays out. The War Bringer asc node is invaluable for healing. The problem for me is that I hate constantly mashing my shield charge key to move around. I wanted to design something with decent clear speed that allowed for more natural movement. I also like the idea of being able to warp from place to place because I'm so used to playing a bow char with blink arrow so I wanted to incorporate lightning warp. Initially, I was hoping for just decent clear speed and I would skip bosses. As it evolved I started to realize that if I min/maxed this build I could not only beat bosses, I could completely melt them.

My PoB DoT DPS is currently 1.4M in an ideal situation. I'm level 95 so with 5 more nodes on the tree I can likely reach 1.6M

My Life pool is currently at 9.3k but can reach 10k by level 100. My armour is 8869 reducing phys dmg by 44%.

I have never played an RF character before so feel free to comment or make suggestions. I'm ALWAYS looking to improve.

I will talk about my gem setups and tree choices when I have some more free time.


Deathless Shaper:

8-Minute Uber Lab Rush - NOT maxing loot grabs:

T15 Beachhead Solo Run:

Deathless Uber Atziri:

More to come...

Screenshot of PoB Config Page:


PoB Pastebin:


I'll walk through my gear choices...

The key elements of my helm are the 40% RF dmg enchant, +life, and res. I chose not to essence craft the helm because I felt it would be too hard or too expensive to get something really nice. I chose to essence craft my gloves instead.

My helm will most likely not change.

My weapon differs from Pohx because I'm not using shield charge, therefore Brightbeak does nothing for me. I tried to find a sceptre that had the most possible 'total burning damage' with an open affix for Leo DoT craft. It adds a ton of dmg to the build. A decent alternative is a relatively high Ele Dmg Doryani's Catalyst.


It has more overall burning damage than my last one PLUS STR. The added life bonus of the +STR turned the 162 Burning weapon into something closer to 175

Windscreams are pretty unconventional. They don't provide the stun avoidance or the guaranteed movement speed that Kaom's Roots do, but they give you a huge damage boost and more movement speed. I took these to the ulab about 12 times before I got the +movement speed enchant, but they feel so much faster with it. The additional curse affix allows you to run Blasphemy + Flammability and make use of the Vulnerability curse you get with Witchfire Brew. On top of all that you get +ele dmg, making them sick for my kind of build.


Windscreams rock this build. They won't change.

My gloves carry the DoT essence craft. This is where I run my RF setup. Just looking for life and res here.

My amulet is also unconventional. My build sustains without a Marble Amulet so I didn't see the point in using one. This provides some life, fire res, and HUGE +fire dmg. I wouldn't swap it for anything.


This amulet is one of the true all-stars of this build. It's so underrated. +1 curse allows me to run Flammability, Ele Weakness, and Vuln from Witchfire. Mobs melt. Alternatively, I'm trying out the +1 to maximum res corruption on fights like Phoenix and Shaper where the damage is sufficient and I'd like more elemental survivability.

My belt is standard for any RF build. I tried a maxed out fire dmg Doryani's Heavy Belt but it's not as good.


This might be next on my list. I don't know what I'm looking for yet though. I might forego some of the damage for more life.

My rings are essence crafted opals. Looking for something over 60 life with +fire dmg and some res.

Chest is a Kaom's Heart. I ran BoTB for quite a while before I could afford a Kaom's. Kaom's is best in slot.


A fairly easy upgrade. I went from 36% to 39% and it cost me 20c. I tried to get a 40% but most people were stubborn about price and the increased DPS didn't justify the extra 1.5ex

This is a must-have for any RF build.

These 3 flasks are always used. The other 2 slots are used for rotating in flasks that help with particular bosses or maps. I use the Blood of Kauri because it's guaranteed to always top off my health.

Budget Gear:

I have used the following gear to complete 2 Shaper Runs (not deathless) and Uber Lab is pretty fast and pretty easy.

If you're low on currency or you're trying to decide what your gear should look like early on, take a look at this section. It takes about 6-7ex to do this build on a budget. You take a DPS hit. I get 840k DoT DPS not including the Scorching Ray setup I have. If you include Scorching Ray you can get over 1.1M DoT DPS with 4 stages.

I realize a 40% Kaom's is not budget. I didn't feel like buying a new one for the sake of posting a budget build. Just buy a cheaper one 35% or so should fit the budget.

Here are the jewels in my budget version. 8 of 9 are magic and cost about 7-15c. The rare one was needed to cap my cold res and it cost me 25c.


I have 9 jewel slots in this build. I will ultimately have 9. They're a big part of the build.

I want to talk a bit about Jewels and what I look for...

There are a total of 6 affixes you should be looking for.

(5-7)% increased maximum Life (must have)
(14-16)% increased Fire Damage

(16-20)% increased Burning Damage
(10-12)% increased Area Damage
(10-12)% increased Damage over Time
(8-10)% increased Damage

What does this mean? Well to max out your dmg + life ideally you'd want %life + %fire_dmg + %burning_dmg + any of the other suffixes. However it starts to get really really expensive. Alternatively you can buy a magic jewel with +life and %burning_dmg and hope to regal into another one of the affixes. Setup your poe trade to look specifically for this stuff. I've added the range of each affix so you know exactly what to look for. Adjust your search based on your budget. As you begin to work on your Jewels start with the magic versions and upgrade as you build currency. I suspect that the price will go up if enough people read this post and try the build.

This is a work in progress. I will be adding more detail as time permits...
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1,4M Oo Crazy ^^

Can this used for alternate weapon? "Doryani Catalyst"

Looks Really Nice.

U Can make Easy Uber Lab runs?
I added an uber lab rush that I recorded. 8 minutes. Ulab is pretty trivial with this build.
Hey, how much life regen u have with this build ? seems really nice.
Crypt0_POE wrote:
I added an uber lab rush that I recorded. 8 minutes. Ulab is pretty trivial with this build.

Thank you very much ! :D

What do you think about

The Red Dream Jewel or The Red Nightmare Jewel ?

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1308 Life Regen Per Second

88% Fire Res
perling wrote:
Crypt0_POE wrote:
I added an uber lab rush that I recorded. 8 minutes. Ulab is pretty trivial with this build.

Thank you very much ! :D

What do you think about

The Red Dream Jewel or The Red Nightmare Jewel ?

I really try to have +%life in my jewels. I'd really love to have this build over 10k life and I'm not sure I can sacrifice the life gained in a jewel slot for more dmg or endurance charges. Besides, I'm using Enduring Cry all the time so I'm almost always maxed Endurance charges.

nice guide bro. I am new in this game and i don't know if it's able to have in this build charge or something like that instead of this teleport without decrease other stats? i don't like this skill.
Sorry for my english
Thanks for your answer :) i will give your build a try :D now i must build my berserker :P
I added some info about jewels and jewel selection. Use it to your advantage whether it be in your build or making profit. ;)

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