[3.0] Spin me baby one more time! - Hiltless Cycloner 1M DPS - Atlas farming with joy

**Under construction**

After making a few 'all arounders' i've decided to make one build with focus on fast and easy map clearing. I had very little time to test it, but ive tried t15 maps and looked very solid and fun to play so I decided to share it so we can improve it together if possible.

Build gets huge AOE with cyclone due to +3 range from passives and +2 from sword (you can go for +2 from corruption too), while perma immortal call pretty much neutralizes negative side of Abyssus.

Since Hiltless has blood magic this build is played with 0 mp (100% reservation) and only 1 skill. Everything else is triggered by cwdt.

Ive tried up to t15 bosses and guardians. All are definitely doable but there are better single target skills. But if you want to clear 40% pack size maps with dual beyond and xx additional mobs while they burn chill freeze bleed and explode in agony you should check this one.


-A bit unfortunate abyss run
-T15 Beachhead (last stage - boss) run with Bisco's
-Chimera kill
-Hydra kill

*Key Features

Stats from path of bulding for lvl 91 char
-Immune to physical damage if you can move (kill) fast enough to maintain endurance charges
-About 1M effective DPS, up to 1.5m with conc effect
-Up to 7k Life (~6800 realistically)
-Immune to Stuns
-Immune to Chill
-5 Endurance Charges (you can make it +1 from corrupted belt) | Perma
-3-4 Frenzy Charges
-Onslaught from Death Rush (or Rotgut)

*Skill Tree [Leveling coming soon]

Subject to change


-First go for Pathfinder then Jugger and additional 2 passives

*Path of Building Link

Take 2 passive SP (kill all)

*Skill links

Main 6L:
-Inc Aoe / Conc Effect
-Melee Physical Damage
-Added Fire Damage
-Increased Critical Strikes (Crit Damage gem gives more dmg but higher the crit easier you apply aliments)

4L: Cwdt + Imm Call + Ice Golem + Molten Shell (all to level 20)

4L: Cwdt (level 1) + Curse on Hit + Ball of Lightning (level 1) + Poacher's Mark/Warlord's Mark/Punishment

3L: Hatred + Herald of Ice + Herald of Ash + (optionally) Vaal Breach / Totem for boss fights

*Mandatory Gear

-If possible try to get some chaos res so you end up on positive number.

*Recommended gear:


Make sure you cap resistances
-Life (mandatory for every jewel)
-Area Damage
-Physical Damage / Melee
-All other Damage or AS mods with 2 handed melee weapons or swords



*Buld Mechanics


*My Gear


-Atziri's Promise
-Vinktar's (i prefer conversion one)

*Pros and Cons

-Excellent clear speed
-Somewhat very satisfying to play
-The more the merrier

-Reflect can hurt, so reflect maps are not doable (once your vinktar is off you are dead)
-Cant do no leech maps
-Shouldnt do physical bosses on maps with 90% chance to avoid aliments (no ignite no endurance charges on single target = no immortal call), Ive been experimenting with Vaal Breach so it might be possible with Warlords Mark tho

If you like this build, make sure you check my Marauder variation based on the same mechanics
and the Scion one
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I've added a video of a build, but its still not completely finished tho
I've added a new video of t15 beachhead boss fight. Also I have introduced Bisco's to build and I need to get a good ventor's instead Mokou's. Basically just swapped curse to use Warlords Mark
I've added Chimera and Hydra runs just as a proof of concept. Although for them I swapped back to Eye of Innocence
I built this and it was rubbish all the same gear and all and the sustain and survivability is so bad you did instantly on boss fights and in large groups got no life leach at all all round bad build expensive for how bad it is
Before talking bullshit better share your char fist so we can see what you have done.
You have joined forums yesterday and started spamming without any proofs or knowledge to go behind your claims.
Ive cleared all the content with this build and made videos to show you some of it.
No leech, lol. Just lol
there is a gap in the skill tree? No connection to Constitution

Jaymethiel wrote:
there is a gap in the skill tree? No connection to Constitution

Hey Jay im not sure where did you see that? Anyhow this is the current tree im using
It can be definitely improved since I had to pick up that resist nodes near scion, was just hoping for some constructive feedback. Anyhow even at this state build is pretty fun but it requires swapping from MF gear (bisco+ventor) to Eye of innocence + mokous on bosses or you wont be able to generate endu charges reliably and phys hits would destroy you because of Abyssus.
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I was using the paste bin link so you would need a new link maybe. I am doing a different version now. :)

how are you getting warlords mark to trigger i just cant seem to get it to work

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