[3.1 UPDATED] Blade Flurry Pathfinder 2M Shaper DPS All Content [Not as Strong as in 3.0]

Dinosaur_JR wrote:
Would you mind, if your time permits, to give small remarks on what you're seeing and working on? I am still working with bloodseeker and it seems to be okay. I 5linked my Carcass Jack and have it colored BBBRRG to accommodate the Elemental Focus instead of Ruthless. I am making my way slowly through the tiers, and have yet to finish Uber Lab. Once I get in there I am sure things will run a little more smooth. I am also slowly getting my jewels and Abyssal Eyes set. The Darkness Enthroned Abyss belt might be something to look into as well. Please let me know if these ideas are not worth testing?

Since im mostly testing in Standard due to not having certain items i want in the League, im not using any Abyss Jewels and Uniques.

But so far i got,

You don't need Bloodseeker and or any Instant Leech
You can get the new Vaal Pact if you really want too (for more experienced Player)
I picked up more Leech on the Tree (gonna share the Tree soon)
Phys Claws on Life gained on hit bases might be the way to go
Tree is gonna get a whole makeover mostlikely
AByss Jewels and Uniques are literally bonkers
New Links are Blade Flurry, Elemental Damage with Attack Skills, Phys 2 Lightning, Area/Conc, Melee Physical and Maim or Elemental Focus (for bossing only imo)
Carcass Jack is still really nice, i would probably recommend Shroud of the Lightless and drop Ele Focus/Maim
Darkness Enthroned and Tombfist can be really good if you use Shroud of the Lightless and you are able to manage resists
Also NEW Best in Slot offhand would be a Sceptre with Double 40% Added as extra Element Shaped Weapon and like Penetration/Crit Mulit/Accuracy

I want to get my tree set to the original first before I start spending regrets. I dropped bloodseeker and went back to doryani's and I'm not having too much trouble. I was going to see which nodes I could drop later and potentially pick up a bit more attack speed? to get the ramp up/ explosion coming faster with BF. I don't know if replacing the Crit nodes with claws is worth picking up attack speed instead. I'll get there bud. Like I said before, I'm a complete noob and used to just mess around on this game without paying any attention, and for that I never got anywhere. Sorry for the wall of text this time without adding anything useful. Merry Christmas Brother.
Will this rings be good for the build?
Veinama wrote:
Will this rings be good for the build?

Kinda okay i guess, you mostly want Accuracy on Rings tho.
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Did you swap from Ruthless since it does not affect channeled abilities?
Dinosaur_JR wrote:
Did you swap from Ruthless since it does not affect channeled abilities?

Yes i swapped to Maim
Looking forward to an update on this so i can swap my lab runner over once he hits 100/100 izaro kills
I got 200 ex to spend i never played blade flurry before so i just wanna go all out on my currencies and spend it all on this build maybe theres something special i could buy like insane weapon for 100 ex with specific stats or somethin? i also got 94 lvl raider so i just need respec also why pathfinder not raider isnt raider like way better for this? also im kinda new to ele conversions but lets say i just Terror Claw who have 2% life leech as physical so if i convert 90% of my physical to ele does that i mean il get like 1,80% leech from this claw? and lastly i wanna use shroudh of lightess but what do i use in it since its 5L with inbuilt ele penetration ?
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There're a lot a good things in abyss, you need jewel with a lot of physical damage. GG jewel will be expensive

also if you want a 6 links with shroud of the lightless, you can use a helmet like this

It give you a 6-link and you have space in your chest to another 5+1 links

And the special weapons are your off-hand : Shaped Sceptre with atleast 2 %Physical added Extra Element Mods + crit multi + a lot of elemental damage will cost a lot but it worst it !

Mine is only one element but it already double my damage

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