[3.2] Spellomancer, facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease. Budget, Shaper, Uber, HoGM ...

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Change Log

Mar 10
Final update for 3.2. Go here for uptodate build.

Feb 27
Started on 3.2 changes.

Jan 25
Expanded Index.

Jan 16
Expanded labyrinth enchantments for gloves for Poet's Pen version.

Jan 14
Added info about +1 to lvl of gems Body Armor in Gear section.

Jan 03
Small update to "necessary things".

Dec 29
Added Chayula's Domain clear video with Poet's Pen.
Updated Gear and tree for Poet's Pen. Added some more info.

Dec 28
Exceeded 50k characters limit on the guide. Restructured.
Added thoughts about elder/shaper items for each gear slot.

Dec 27
Updated the guide a bit.

Dec 22
Made a section about finding out atk speed cap for Port's Pen.

Dec 21
Did a detailed write up for Poet's Pen variant. With videos of Elder, Shaper and HoGM after the helmet enchant nerf.

Dec 20
Added a section a Balefire unique scepter.
updated 3.1 changes with some uniques, which r good for this build.

Dec 18
Started a build variant with Poet's Pen unique wand.

Dec 14
Updated 3.1 changes with thoughts on elder/shaper shield and helmet.

Dec 6
Updated to 3.1.

Nov 1
Indexed and updated the guide for better readability.

Oct 5
Elaborated a little bit more on Soul of Arakaali.

Sep 28
Added budged showcase.
Added a showcase of the build with Firestorm.

Sep 24
Added a section on mana problems in early game.

Sep 21
Added Chayula's Domain clear video.

Sep 20
Hit lvl 100 and did a "max" DPS experiment.

Sep 14
Added section about animate guardian.

Sep 13
Highlighted Pyre
Added a big section on a +3 fire staff.

Sep 12
Highlighted few very good unique alternatives in extra section.

Sep 11
Added PoB with all the lvling trees.
Added 2 paragraphs about EE and EO.

Sep 08
Added big Righteous Fire section.
Tried Chayula Domain and must apologize.

Sep 07
Added lvling section.
Added a paragraph for laby enchantments.
Updated my to my current gear.

Sep 06
Added Shaper, Shaper bullet hell tanking and Hall of Grandmasters videos.

Corrupted my shield for +1 gems, put Offering + lvl 4 Empower + lvl 8 Arcane Surge in it for lvl 26 Offering. Looking to replace Rumi's, since with this setup i get 74/74 block.

Got 4th jewel and changed the tree a bit. Traded Righteous Decree mana nodes and some life nodes for Potency of Will duration nodes(quality of life) and Scion jewel slot near Shaper.

Added a section on The Scourge unique claw.

Sep 04
Added Shaped Strand and t15 Abyss clears.

Sep 03
Added new video.

Sep 01
Added Pantheon Powers.


x. 3.2 Changes.
1. Intro
2. Videos
3. Necessary Things
4. Main Build Mechanics
. - Mistress of Sacrifice + Bone Offering
. - Clarity
. - Soul of Arakaali
. - Elemental Overload and Elemental Equilibrium
5. Gear
6.1. Passives
. - Tree
. - Bandits
. - Jewels
6.2. Pantheon Powers
7. Gems
8. Leveling progression for Scorching Ray
9. Utilizing of Animate Guardian
10. Budget, Shaper for less then 80c(stand Sep 28 2017 in Harbinger SC league)

1st reply.
11. Spellomancer meets Poet's Pen
12. Righteous Fire variant
13. +3 Fire Staff variant
14. "Max" DPS experiment
15. Firestorm variant

x. 3.2 Changes

Scion is now a superior class choice for this build. I made a new thread, where i will continue to update this build.

While this build is still viable with Necromancer, i would advise going for scion. With scion we can get up to 8 extra passive points and a useful 2nd ascendancy. While with witch on Mistress of Sacrifice is useful now, meaning 6 ascendancy points are wasted.

Build is still very tanky, just requires a little different itemisation now.

Mistress of Sacrifice got a big nerf. What it means in numbers:
- loss of 17%(lvl 20)-19%(lvl 26) block.
- loss of 25%(lvl 20)-27%(lvl 26) spell block.
- loss of 297(lvl 20)-445(lvl 26) life on block. This hits Soul of Arakaali mechanic very hard. Because now we get only 50% increase to 50% of life on block. So that means a loss of 75% effectiveness on that mechanic. With it, the numbers will go down to 445(lvl 20)-667(lvl 26) life on block.

1. Intro

If you like tanky builds, which can clear all the content(including farming Hall of Grandmasters), look no further.

The build is based of my old 2.2 Spellomancer. With the 3.0 MoM changes i wanted to see, if the only weakness of the build, damage over time would be gone. For the most part it is. Only some extrem DoTs, like in Hall of Grandmasters are a problem.

As the previous version, this can also be done with almost any spell. I leveled till 91 with Essence Drain, got bored(played with it already 2 times) and switched to Scorching Ray(never used before).

This build with Scorching Ray can clear absolutely all current PoE content deathless. Hardest map mod is no regen, still doable with mana flask.

The only downside is the mediocre clear speed with Scorching Ray. As a followup form this, it is very hard to beat the timer in Chayula's Domain. Not that hard with RF version of the build. Other Breachlord's Domains are pretty good doable. Hence the 99.9% easy.

Combat stats form Path of Building

lvl 100 variant vs Shaper.

Lvl 98. Shaper DPS is about 450k.

SR tool tip in hideout
With Clarity

Maximizing DPS

For info check bottom of the guide.

2. Videos

Poet's Pen vs Chayula's Domain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ4Fe6BSMBk

Poet's Pen vs HoGM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbt4caOJPJw

Poet's Pen vs Shaper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCrLc70rn0A

Poet's Pen vs t13 Elder - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujWEnYX3H-U

Super Budget lvl 90 simulation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN-ffbWeCms For more info check bottom of the guide.

Shaper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTxSW4mOUoA

Shaper Bullet Hell tanking - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Re7q75aKoU

Deathless Hall of Grandmasters - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-6SNfAUonk

Uber Atziri - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSMKAi7-4SE

Facetank Minotaur with Harbinger - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6mlPjJRRmg

Double enraged Rhoas from t16 Zana with boss dmg mods - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9lpFr8RTr8

Tier 11 Shaped Strand - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU5GRHT_Tuo

Tier 15 Abyss - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgFFlM6dMGk

"Max" DPS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO4Z_8v8QF8 For more info check bottom of the guide.

Firestorm - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uI92p77jOs For more info check bottom of the guide.

Chayula's Domain - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4_-PqbVEps
After 3 failed attempts(time run out), i learned and could clear it 4 times in the row.
Gear & Tree used in Chayula's Domain

3. Necessary Things

Start as Witch, ascend as Necromancer, get Mistress of Sacrifice.

One of the following items for spell block:

Use lazhwar only if a worthy shield is available or as starter gear. Most combos with rathpith will be superior. For example easy one with atziris foible.
+1 curse is not necessary, but is very good, saves 4 points on the tree.
With shaped shields and amulets it is possible to roll spell block on a rare item and completely ditch these uniqs.

4. Main Build Mechanics

With Mistress of Sacrifice, Bone Offering also effects the caster. Allowing to get max block/spell block relatively easy and get a lot of life back on each block. Coupled with high hit points and life/mana regen, the build becomes very tanky.

Clarity lvl depends on how much life and mana is available. Have it at minimum of lvl 6. If current life x 3/7 < current unreserved mana, can lvl clarity until it is about equal. For Cloak of Defiance life x 4/6. The reson for this is to have as much HP pool available, as possible. In later stages mana regen is not an issue. Using Essence Worm and Clear Mind is not worth it, if you have good rare ring and 3 mod jewel. At the beginning of mapping mana problems may occur, then can lvl Clarity, until mana issues are solved. Later can be replaced with lower lvl one.

Soul of Arakaali:

This power needs to get 1st upgrade(Capture Arachnoxia) for it to work in the described way.

Dont use Blood Rage as long as you dont have the upgrade. I personally would recommend starting with it from t12+ maps, it is not really needed in white and yellow maps. Blood Rage will make more trouble(may even kill you), than helping in early/mid stages of the game(especially while still in story mode). It will cause you A LOT of mana problems. Unless nice gear is available from the start of mapping. And by nice i mean similar to mine. Having CwDT lvl 1 + Immortal Call is always nice, so can keep that.

CwDT lvl 1 + Blood Rage + Immortal Call will proc it a lot. As soon, as IC procs, you stop taking dmg from Blood Rage and procing Arakaali for 4 sec. This will increase your life regen buy 50%, it doesnt show up in char screen, but still works. AND it will increase the life on block from Bone Offering buy 50%!!!. Making it 966 life on block instead of 644 at lvl 21.

Put Offering in a +1 to gem lvl item(corrupted shield for example) and link it to lvl 4 Empower to gain a lvl 26 Offering. This recovers 891 and with Arakaali up 1336 life on block! This also puts block to 74/74, making Rumi's unnecessary.

Elemental Overload(EO) and Elemental Equilibrium(EE) are very important for this build, since they are huge damage multipliers. Scorching ray does not hit, it can not apply EE and can not land a critical hit to proc EO. While general map clearing, both EE and EO are applied with Tempest Shield and/or movement skill. For longer fights, like bosses or multi essence mobs, it is important to use Orb of Storms at the beginning of the fight and re spawn it, if needed. Therefor it is from utmost importance not to have any flat added fire damage to attacks and/or spells on gear. It will apply EE in a bad way for fire damage and handicap the build in a big way.

If another skill is chosen, to use with this build, then it must be checked, if the skill is hitting the enemy, or not. If it is, then EE can not be used. EO is fine. If the skill is a chaos skill, then neither EE nor EO can be used. Therefor this build is less effective with chaos skills, plus the tree becomes very inefficient.
Mana Problems

Early game you may encounter mana problems. This is caused by you not having good enough gear and/or all mana + mana regen nodes from tree.

Here are few things, you could do, besides getting better gear with flat mana/int/mana regen and all the nodes, as a temporary fix for the problem.
1st use a mana flask.
2nd lvl clarity.
3rd dont run Blood Rage, while Arakaali mechanic is nice to have, it is not needed in low lvl maps. I started using BR in red maps.
4th use Rathpith Globe and Atziri's Foible.
5th use Cloak of Defiance.

You may need to apply several of the fixes, to get rid of the problem. When the gear is upgraded and nodes taken, can revert to the things i use in the guide.

5. Gear
My Gear

For clear speed swap in

For Elemental Weakness maps swap opal ring and weapon for

For no regen maps(if i really need to run them) swap Rumi's and Forbidden Taste for

+1 to lvl of gems Body Armor

In a +1(or more) to lvl of gems body armor Empower lvl 4 becomes a better support, then Swift Affliction/Controlled Destruction. So +1 to lvl of gems Belly of the Beast dont need 4B anymore, can be 3B2R1G, which is exactly the same, as 4B2R. 4B1R1G standard setup becomes worse(5-6% less DPS).

This is true for any body armor and means, that in a +1 to lvl of gems armor there 3 possible gem combinations. Best 3B2R1G or 4B2R and slightly worse, but still much better then no +1 to gem lvl, 4B1R1G. This makes rerolling colors on a already corrupted body armor a viable option. Since getting 1 of 3 viable options is much easier and any of those is much better, then not corrupted armor.

The Scourge

I had it just listed as alternative weapon for the build. After some discussions and more thinking, it deserves extra section.

The bonus on hit dmg is proced by Orb of Storms, Tempest Shield and movement skill.

- the weapon is very very cheap. The drop rate may have been nerfed, in 3.1 the weapon is relatively expensive. Still worth it.
- has nice atk speed for movement.
- can have Culling Strike corruption.
- together with the Necromancer ascendancy it gives 160% increased dmg to any skill.
- it opens a possibility to use gear with %increased minion dmg.
* a bone helmet is as good as helmet with laby dmg enchant. Making it much cheaper alternative.
* can seach for jewels with 1 extra mod, which makes it easier to find some good ones. Plus the mod is 2nd best dmg mod, together with spell dmg while holding a shield and fire damage.
* can use minion dmg cata glove enchant. need to give up hybrid life or mana for that tho.
* have direct access to 3 15% minion dmg nodes

Sadly Minion Damage Support is not usable, since weap modifier applies only to increased and not more modifiers.

All in all it is the best dmg alternative to a nice rare scepter for a tiny fraction of the price of the scepter. The weapon with max atk speed roll is 1c on HSC!

And the wolves!


It is extremely strong item for this build. I am sure, it is possible to kill shaper with it at the same lvl of speed, as in the budget video.

A 5L with lvl 21 SR and 20/20 support gems or a 6L with all lvl 18 gems is better, then the scepter. This assuming identical lvl and quality supports were used for the SR in scepter and a weapon of power range between doryani's catalyst and the scourge for the 5/6L. So this basically means, this scepter is better then any 5L, since if a lvl 21 gem is available, then 6L is also available. Only 6L starts being better at gem lvls 18+. Depending on how good the rest of the gear is, the worse the gear, the better is the scepter. Meaning at the beginning(or a budget character) of the league the scepter will be roughly equal to lvl 19 gems 6Ls.

- can use kaom's heart! or any other body armor.
- very very cheap(at least for now).
- can be used for all the content.

- dmg drops of up to 35% less dmg for high end gear(my lvl 100 gear). It is 17% less dmg, if it would be used in the budged version.

So as a conclusion. It is best item to use from lvl 60 until late endgame. Or if more tankieness is wanted, can be used with kaom's heart.

I would use this scepter and kaom's heart for HoGM farming at any gear lvl.

Great unique gear alternatives

This is is my personal preference for good alternative gear, which is cheap and easy to get. Great for beginners or budget version.


Hrimnor's Resolve
+ very cheap
+ freeze and chill immunity
+ good armor
+ fire damage
- no flat mana
- relatively low life roll

Body Armor

Cloak of Defiance
+ very easy to get needed colors 4b1r1g
+ big mana roll
+ only item with %mana regen, wich is increased by all the %increased mana regen stats. Gives a lot of mana regen, scales incredibly good.
+ extra 10% to MoM, partially compensates for not having life
+ very good for beginners, solves all possible mana issues
- no life

Still take MoM and all the mana nodes behind it on tree with this body armor. Worth it.


Immortal Flesh
+ more defense from physical hits
+ same life as a best rare belt
+ flat mana regen, which is increased buy all the %increased mana regen stats.
- no extra str
- harder to gear, need to compensate for a lot of lost resists.


Rumi's Concoction
+ helps to get max block at earlier stages, when bone offering not lvled yet.
+ gives armor for phys defense
- no dps


Pyre (possible to use 2 of them)
+ great DPS boost. BiS for pure DPS.
+ has 2 resits
+ can be used form the very beginning of using Scorching Ray (lvl 12)
- no HP pool (life, mana, str, int)
- no mana regen
- can not have any flat cold dmg on gear, spells or attacks. Conversion will destroy EE usage.

Watcher's Eye
Especially good with Cloak of Defiance. Makes Atziri's Foible very strong.
+ has %life and %mana
+ can give up to 10% extra MoM
+ can have 2nd useful clarity roll. Either "% chance to Recover 10% of Maximum Mana when you use a Skill" or "-% to Total Mana Cost of Skills"
- no dmg mods.

Pure talent
Is great for build variants witj hitting elemental skills.
+ mana regen boost(witch)
+ penetration(templar)
+ possible 25 to all atrributes, if needed(scion)
- not good for Scorching Ray
- no life or mana.

Other possible gear alternatives

The Scourge.
Cybil's Paw, since we r necro The Scourge is better.
Ichimonji as alternative to Brightbeak and buff boost.
The Rippling Thoughts for style.
Aurumvorax if urly need those resits.
Heartbreaker for Culling Strike.
Doryani's Catalyst

The Tempest's Binding

Body Armor
High life and mana rare.
Lighting Coil
The Perfect Form for free AA
Cospri's Will for that curse goodness.
Skin of the Loyal
Skin of the Lords preferably with EO. EE or US is also good
Cloak of Flame
Or basically any other one you like.

Doedre's Tenure.
Asenath's Gentle Touch.
Repentance. While Doedre's Tenure is superior in most cases.
For now i dont know, if there will be Despair corruption for gloves. Before 3.1 could get vulnerability on hit corruption.

Abberath's Hooves
Atziri's Step

Doryani's Invitation
Belt of the Deceiver

Amulet. If Rathpith is used.
Good rare one
Atziri's Foible
The Anvil
Xoph's Heart
Ngamahu Tiki
Bisco's Collar

Shield. If Lazhwar is used.
Good rare one. Dmg, Life, mana, mana on block.

Taste of Hate
The Wise Oak
Kiara's Determination
The Overflowing Chalice

Shaper/Elder items


A Shaper or Elder shield have insane potential. For example shaped shield can have %mana AND %life on block. With 7k life and 3k mana it is up to 350 life and 240 mana on block!!! And then it still can roll flat life, flat mana, spell/fire dmg and/or %to max resist. And still can roll a extra suffix, which also can be shaped! My ideal shield now would be shaped rare:
- Flat life
- spell/fire dmg
- flat mana/1% to max resits
- %mana on block
- chance to shock on block
- gain a random charge on block/% life on block/chance to chill on block/spell block

Elder shield can also be very good, shaped is better imo. Elder shield can give max potential dps. With spell/fire dmg and increased dmg per 1% block chance it is possible to get a shield with 170+ increased dmg. Plus can save a gem socket with lvl 5 CwDT. Problem with shaped shield is that good mods are prefixes, so need to chose between elder and normal rolls.


Shaped or elder helmet crafted with essence of horror can give a pseudo 6/7-link for fire aoe skill to clear and have SR for single target. Cremation could be the best variant here. Since it is possible to keep it up at boss fights also, while having full dps of SR.

Elder/Shaper helmet can roll flat dmg to spells for a build variant with hitting spells.

Elder Helmet can roll %burning dmg in combination with burning dmg support. And if used with the scourge, can also roll minion dmg.

It is possible to have up to 7% block chance on elder gloves.

Elder boots can roll increased skill duration and spell dodge. Shaper boots can roll attakc dodge.

Elder body armor has a potential to be BiS with flat life, % life, phys dmg taken as fire dmg and increased strength. And still hast 2 suffixes for atrributes, %life regen and/or resits.

Shaper/elder amulets can roll all kinds of useful stuff. Most useful shaper spell block.

Shaped opal ring has a potential to give up to 93% increased dmg!!! Also could roll flat dmg to spells for hitting spells.

Elder belt with %increased life and %increased attributes combined with normal mods can be just absolutely ridiculous in terms of HP. Shaper belt can roll spell dmg during flask effect for nice burs phases.

I dont know if some mods are mutuality exclusive or not. Has potential to be a insane dps boost.

Stats for rare gear: life, mana, fire/spell/burning dmg /DoT, mana regen, str, int, dex(need 111, or 114 for lvl 21 gems) and ofc resists cap.

Labyrinth enchantments:
- Helmet, 40% Scorching Ray damage, if no Bone Helmet is used.
- Gloves, use Fingerless Silk Gloves.
- Boots, 2% life and mana regen when hit, very very OP for this build.

6.1. Passives

lvl 100 Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/vhP5eg1Q

lvl 98 Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/XqTN7G5s

lvl 100 tree
lvl 98 tree

Base tree for SR without +1 curse amulet.

Core tree, depending on items and spell of choice pathing to Cruel Preparation and Whispers of Doom may vary.

Bandits: Kill all (optionally can help Oak or Alira). If you are sure, you want to do RF version, help Alira.

Jewels: look for %life and %burning dmg + other dmg mods or %mana. As a 4th stat can also use stats, resists or mana regen for more budget version.
My jewels:

Ascendancy in order: Mistress of Sacrifice -> Commander of Darkness -> Spirit Eater.
As last 2 points either Beacon of Corruption for chaos resits or Flesh Binder and use Zombies on CwDT.

6.2. Pantheon Powers

Major: Soul of Arakaali

Minor: Soul of Gruthkul/Soul of Tukohama, depending on what i need. Mostly Gruthkul.

7. Gems

In order of importance:

Main: Scorching ray - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Swift Affliction. Empower lvl 4 is less dps.

Main Utility: Bone Offering - Empower(optional budget version Increased Duration) - lvl 8 Arcane Surge.

CwDT lvl 1 - lvl 7 Blood Rage - lvl 3 Immortal Call

CwDT lvl 1 - lvl 7 Tempest Shield - lvl 5 Enfeeble - lvl 5 Despair(Vulnerability pre 3.1).

Shield Charge/Leap Slam/Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify.

Must have secondary Utility:
Clarity, Desecrate, Orb of Storms(to proc EO more reliably).

Otptional secondary Utility:
CwDT lvl 20 - Stone/Flame/Chaos Golem. Manual re summoning is just to tedious. Or Animate Guardian -Fortify for clear speed.


Cremation can be a great support for SR to increase clear speed and boss kill time. Could be used in a shaper/elder item to get it to 6L or even pseudo 7L with essence craft.

Could drop the golem and IC+BR+CwDT for it.

8. Leveling progression for Scorching Ray

All progression trees in Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/rVLwDNj5

11 points
21 points
28 points
40 points
61 points
70 points
93 points
120 points

Ascendancy in order: Mistress of Darkness -> Commander of Darkness -> Spirit Eater.
As last 2 points either Beacon of Corruption for chaos resits or Flesh Binder and use Zombies on CwDT.


The usual suspects:

lvl 5:

lvl 8: if not dual wielding:

lvl 10: if using a hitting spell:

lvl 11:

lvl 16:

lvl 20:

for fast progression:

lvl 24: if used karui ward, upgrade to:

lvl 32:

9. Animate Guardian

Thx to insobyr for bringing this to my attention.

+ HUGE DPS increase. Stuff just melts.
+ possible increase in tankiness, if using Zahndethus' Cassock. Guardian will drop consecrated ground everywhere.

- Guardian can die. This brings 3-4c and time investment, to get the items again.
- need to give up 1-3 sockets for this.
- 1 passive point loss for minion life regen.

My opinion:

While the DPS boost is incredible, it is very inconvenient. I did total 4 shaper runs including all 4 guardians(to get the fragments) in different setups. AG died 6 times, every time to shaper 1 time to more dmg and extra lighting mino and 1 time to extra lighting phoenix. Without any dmg mods AG can easily survive all guardians, but phoenix. Phoenix can be survived only with fortify and minion life linked. AG dies very fast to shaper beam. I tried to run the setup in the weapon, so i can quickly weapon swap, to save him, but it just made all the stuff even more inconvenient for me. Needing to watch for his life and then re summon him and harbinger. Also the vortex form uncreated and unshaped kills him.

While running normal maps(AG can survive rippy maps pretty easy in any setup) and easy guardians, AG can be used to kill tough mobs and bosses very fast, to increase clear speed. For shaper and hard guardians i would take him out. Can just swap in and out with fortify for CwDT and golem.


There are 4 ways to run the guardian in the Build.
1st have it together with movement skill in a 4L, so it is linked to Fortify and Faster Attacks.
2nd as a single gem in the weapon.
3rd linked with fortify in the weapon.
4th linked with fortify and minion life in the weapon.

Guardian Items

I tried to use all unique items for easy recreation.


For tankiness

10. Budget

- I didnt recorded 1st shaper kill. So i decided to do this budget lvl 90 simulation. The budget for this character is 70-80c.
- I used 2 of my good jewels instead of 4 cheap ones(5-10c), since i dont have cheap ones and didnt wanted to bother to get them. 4 jewels on a extra budget of 80c would be much better, then 2 of mine.
- Point wise i needed to leave 12 and not 10 unused to get same hp lvl as lvl 90 char.
- all 20/20 gems used can be even lvl 1 0q, wouldnt make a difference.
- cant tank shaper slam.
- keeping up fortify for mino is very important.

Shaper -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN-ffbWeCms

Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/0cbCxgEn

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11. Spellomancer meets Poet's Pen

Now, that the helmet enchant got fixed and i've done almost all the relevant content(only chayula's domain left), i can share this with you. Since i still play this and the character is not done yet, sings may change.

How it works.
While using any attack possible(default attack included) with wands, the spells socketed in the Poet's Pen wand will be used.

Now how exactly the procing of spells work. As soon as an attack is used, 1st spell in the wand will be cast and the item goes on internal cooldown(1/4 of a second default). Meaning no more spells will be used from that item, no matter how fast the attack is. After the cooldown period is over and attack is used again, the game will check, if there any other spells in the following sockets. If yes, next spell will be used, if no, the 1st spell. This means, that spells in the wand will be used in a sequence and not all at once. So for DPS it is the best to use just one spell liked to 2 supports. For utility several spells maybe used in 1 wand. For example Unearth + GMP + Offering for automation. The cooldown is local not global, so dual wielding wands will proc 2 spells(1 from each wand) at the same time.

Attack of choice - frenzy for charges and curse on hit. Spells of choice - Volatile Dead + Unearths. After i finish lvling all my Volatile Dead gems, i will go back for weapon swap clear setup with Glacial Cascade + Arc. Why i like Volatile Dead + Unearth setup a lot, is because it generates extra corpses automatically to use for bone offering.

Attack speed and You.

With this build it is very important to watch the attack speed of the proccing attack. If the attacks are slightly faster,t hen the cooldown of the wand, then it is a huge DPS loss. Optimal default attack speed is 4 attacks/second. So 4 spells will be proced each second. If the attack speed, is for example 5 attacks/second, then only every 2nd attack will proc a spell. Making your effective attack speed 2.5 attacks/second. So only 5 spells will be proced in 2 seconds, instead of 8. It is much better to have slightly slower attack, then too fast.

That is where items with cooldown reduction come in. Right now it is possible to have up to 20% cooldown recovery speed on belt and up to 15% on boots. Only shaped items can roll this mod. This mod will reduce the internal cooldown of Poet's Pen and allowing to go faster then 4 atk/sec. With top rolls it is is possible to go slightly over 6 atk/sec and making it essentially a 50% more dmg multiplier.

With my current gear i reach slightly over 5 atk/sec and my current belt and boots cower it.

Finding our your atk/sec

Finding out top atk/sec as a necro while using Volatile Dead is a bit tricky due to Spirit Eater. We gain 2% atk speed for each corpse consumed for 4 sec. With faster atk comes higher proc rate of spells, which consume more corpses and making us atk even faster and producing/consuming corpses even faster and so on until it caps out at some point. In the videos it is possible to see how i ramp up my atk speed.

PoB cant show us the cap atk speed(or at least i dunno how). So to find it out, we need to use the atk and watch the atk/sec number in the character screen. 1st need to gain full frenzy charges(if frenzy is used) by attacking some mobs or using doedre's elixir. After that attack is spammed and bone offering is used to keep up arcane surge. Bone offering increases the corpse consumption and with it the atk speed, so it is important to use it while testing.

Here is a screen shot, where to look and a short video of i do it.


+ best lvling experience, i've ever had.
+ clear speed is good, especially if using secondary setup for clearing(for example Glacial Cascade and Arc).
+ very good sustain(a lot of regen, leech and life on block)
+ good for HoGM
+ dont need a 6L(or 5L)
+ can use any body armor.

- less total HP pool.
- no fortify.
- not budget friendly. Still affordable.
- can not do atziri with volatile dead. Balls will go to reflect clone and kill you.

Conclusion: the build is very fun, can do absolutely all content, if some adjustments are done for atziri and 1 grandmaster. With offhand setup for clearing will have very good clear speed and very good boss kill capability. However, due to not having fortify and somewhat less HP, is less tanky against big hits or cant take very big ones at all(shaper slam, minotaur fight ...).




Helmet: Volatile Dead destroys up to 1 additional corpse. Is very very good, basically a 33% more dmg multiplier.
Boots: same as before.
Gloves: if items with cool down recovery are used, then enchants, which proc on hit(Commandment of Blades, etc.) are good. Cant go wrong with Fingerless Silk Gloves.

PoB - https://pastebin.com/UHw4P43B

lvl 94 Tree, Brine King variant.

Bandits: Help Kraytin or optional Kill All.

- Major: a lot of freedom here, can switch depending on encounters. I'm alternating between Solaris, Lunaris and Arakaali. Or drop Unwavering Stance, get 4 extra points and go full time Brine King.
- Minor: Tukohama.


Watcher's Eye mod priorities:
Main: vitality leech.
Secondary, in order of importance: Vitality life on hit, Vitality life recovery rate; Vitality life regen; Clarity chance to recover mana when skill is used; Clarity reduced mana cost of skills; Clarity extra MoM(only good, if mana regen is high, 300+ mana/sec); evrything else.

Boss killer:
Volatile Dead - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect
Unearth - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Culling Strike

Clear Speed:
Glacial Cascade - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction
Arc - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction

Atziri Split phase:
Glacial Cascade - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction
Firestorm - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus

Attack for procs:
Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble

Vitality, only if Watcher's Eye with leech for vitality is available.

Clarity, is a must if no Vitality. Can be dropped, if Vitality is used and good mana regen(200+ mana/sec).

Bone Offering - lvl 8 Arcane Surge - Increased Duration/Empower

Stone/Flame Golem - Cast when Damage Taken, optional as usual.

12. Righteous Fire
With 3.1 RotP nerf this is now harder to run, need more life and mana regen.

I now tested Righteous Fire version of the build. All of my thoughts to it with videos you can find in the spoiler below. Needed to respec only 11 points. Scourge is definitely better weapon for this. Bone helmet would be superior to mine.

+ DPS increase to single target buy almost 60%.
+ big clear speed boost, due to RF killing all the trash packs.

- loss of 1266 HP pool.
- loss of 249 effective life regen and 192 effective mana regen.
- loss of Soul of Arakaali mechanics. Tested it and doesn't seam to work, since u actually never stop taking dmg over time.
- DoTs become a problem.
- relatively slow and hard hitting mobs become big problem(for example trash phases in chimera).
- dont have enough mana regen, to sustain casting SR without being hit(boot enchantment).
- need to use Clarity lvl 20. One of the reasons of big HP loss.
- can not take Shaper slam to the face anymore.
- need a "of Heat" flask, if want to tank Shaper bullet hell.
- loss of Harbinger buff from the shield.
- no mana on block.
- can not run, no regen, less regen, despair? maps with RF on.

So as a summary: it is a personal preference, big loss of tankiness and at least as big of a gain in dps and clear speed. The loss of tankiness can be mostly negated buy playing more careful. Like dodging slams or keeping BO and Fortify up :)


Shaper with slam tank attempt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA3zm5oujKc

Mino with 2 Harbingers, crit and turbo mods, if wouldnt fail, would still facetank - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YS7wiMmhLsk

Shaped Strand - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciE2TD8XlN0

Path of Building

With same setting as the other version of the build to make it comparable, in both flasks were not activated.





Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/5u1i7cKG

lvl 98

With this version of the build it is recommend to help Alira, getting enough mana regen is the biggest problem.

Pantheon Powers

Major: Would still use Arakaali, but now for the main effect. Can use Solaris or Lunaris too.

Minor: nothing changed.


Only what changed

Instead of the CwDT IC BR setup
4L: Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect/Increased Area of Effect

Clarity is now lvl 20.

Removed Despair(Vulnerability pre 3.1)and placed Desecrate there. Despair(Vulnerability pre 3.1) is applied with the flask.

Purity of Fire in Essence Worm, lvl 18 is enough, lvl 21 for QoL.

13. +3 Fire Staff

Thx to thebanned00 for giving me the idea.
Played a bit with a +3 fire staff. All findings and stuff below.

If something is not listed here, then it is exactly the same, as in original Build.

+ DPS increase by 37%, if i would replace my jewels with identical with staff dmg instead of shied. Without replacing 30% DPS increase.
+ possible higher HP pool while retaining higher DPS, if respec Corruption into Purity of Flesh (around 300 hp and 10 mana).

- bad mobility, Leap Slam is not good enough with slow weapon. As a follow up of this, it is also much harder to keep Fortify up. You can see me dying to Hydra(no Fortify) and Shaper(too slow) because of it.
- loss of 6 gem sockets.
- loss of 7% block and 6% spell block
- no mana on block.
- no Harbinger buff.
- loss of 97 effective life and 23 effective mana regen.
- very expensive version of the build.
- Bone Offering only base lvl 20/21.
- some gems needs to be lower lvl.

Summary: It is kinda a middle ground between the original buold and a RF variant. With tankiness closer to original and dmg closer to RF. A very good variant, if u like to retain tankiness and gain dmg, but dont mind the slowness(this is the deal breaker for me)


I played extra recklessly to test.

All Guardians - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIZNHVo8M5E

Shaper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT0M1C1iKGI

Path of Building
With same setting as the other version of the build to make it comparable, in both flasks were not activated.


Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/CycFMGEY

lvl 99
In the comments to the build i previously suggested a different version. I tired it and found out, US is absolutely needed. Constant interruptions in hard t15-16s.

Only what changed

Scorching ray - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Empower lvl 4

Bone Offering - lvl 7 Arcane Surge

Desecrate max lvl 13

Faster Attacks max lvl 12

14. "Max" DPS experiment

I wanted to do this for a while now, but before i wanted to acquire a BBBBRR skin of the loyal with +1 gem lvl corruption. Sadly i was not able to. That would have been 22% more dps to what i had. Now i hit lvl 100 with the build and decided, i gonna do it in a lesser way.

What i got was around 700% DPS increase compared to the original. Needless to say, also lost that much of tankiness.

I wrote "max" DPS, because i just thrown some items together without any optimization. With optimization could go much higher, using more %increased dmg, maybe belt of deceiver and vaal lighting trap.

So basically it is RF multiplied buy AG and +1 to lvl of gems tabula. And added quasi 5L for RF.


Shaper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO4Z_8v8QF8

Guardians - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hey6ANfe60 I saw after upload, that AG was doing some shit in mino fight, dunno where he was. I though, that the fight took too long.

Proper Mino - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00SsDQjvP6k

Gear + Gems

Tree + PoB

Path of Building - https://pastebin.com/CN5QtPsf

lvl 100

15. Firestorm

This is just a showcase of the build with a different skill. I kinda like firestorm and it didnt require too many points to respec, so i chose it.

The gear in not optimized for the skill, but was enough. Tree could prolly be optimized too, not sure about that. I would use belly instead of tabula, but didnt wanted to recolor mine.

Ofc this can be used in a +3 staff or with RF.

Can replace fire storm with cremation, volatile dead or detonate dead and go with them.

Shaper run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uI92p77jOs

PoB - https://pastebin.com/bkiHtUHd

lvl 100 Tree

For just clearing the map swap conc eff for one of those(which feels better for you):

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Level 4 Empower worth using over any of the typical support gems? :)
Dorlok wrote:
Level 4 Empower worth using over any of the typical support gems? :)

No, less dps then anything else.
1337fun wrote:
Dorlok wrote:
Level 4 Empower worth using over any of the typical support gems? :)

No, less dps then anything else.

Cheers - 350c more for swapping into your build :)
Loving the idea of the build. Quick question though, what is your opinion on using a +3 staff. According to path of building a +3 staff ( with no spell damage or other mods ) with an empower on it is roughly 150k dps increase while still maintaining block cap ( with the staff block nodes )
thebanned00 wrote:
Loving the idea of the build. Quick question though, what is your opinion on using a +3 staff. According to path of building a +3 staff ( with no spell damage or other mods ) with an empower on it is roughly 150k dps increase while still maintaining block cap ( with the staff block nodes )

As we spoke in game

- +3 multi modded staff with lvl 4 empower instead of swift affliction would give around 30% more dps(according to path of building).
- Removing swift affliction and dropping the lvl of other dex gems(not a problem) drops dex requirements significantly.

- loss of the benefits of the shield, mana on block and harbinger buff. This will make less recovery maps harder and no regen much harder.
- Loss of 6 gem slots.
- Less mobility/clear speed, since i run almost all of the content with brightbeak, only shaper and uber with dps weap.
- Build becomes much more expensive :)


Swapping belly for kaoms would keep the total HP pool around same lvl, maybe even increase a bit.

For staff i would change the tree to something like this:

Not needing the block nodes from marauder makes the route much less desirable.

With kaoms would need to drop 1 curse, meaning can get lazhwar with +1% to max resits. To keep 2 curses, could use vuln corruption on gloves.

Loss of 6 gem slots would make the setup to something like this:
Staff: Scorching ray - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Empower lvl 4

1st 4L: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify - lvl 6 Clarity.

2nd 4L: CwDT lvl 1 - Blood Rage - lvl 3 Immortal Call - lvl 5 Enfeeble/lvl 5 Vulnerability.

3rd 4L: Bone Offering - lvl 7 Arcane Surge - Desecrate - Orb of Storms.

If want to have a Golem, needs 1 unset ring, preferably with +3 to gem lvl.

Lvl of faster attacks, desecrate and blood rage depends on how much dex is available.

Overall it is personal preference. Since i have no problem with dmg, i rather have more tankiness. Still i prolly try this later on.
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Are scorching ray gems listed in order of importance? What's the 5-link set up? Is this decent on a 5-link or is 6-link necessary?
generalchaos wrote:
Are scorching ray gems listed in order of importance? What's the 5-link set up? Is this decent on a 5-link or is 6-link necessary?

Yes. I wrote it in the guide.

I would recommend to have 6L for uber atziri and shaper, if u r not experienced int hose fights. Rest i very much doable with 5L. However since the build is very tanky, u can get away with using tabula for any content. I cleared all, but uber atziri with tabula. Would have tried her in tabula too, but got hope after i got 1st 6L(was cloak of defiance). I use dps weapon only for shaper and uber atziri, all the rest i clear with brightbeak, dmg is enough.
Last edited by 1337fun on Sep 3, 2017, 5:25:44 AM

I'm new so please pardon the noob questions.

Why don't you use Flammability and Elemental Weakness? I'm assuming they don't work for Scorching Ray?

What do you think about spending the 4 points to use Temporal Chains as the 3rd curse (beside Vulnerability and Enfeeble)? Would that make things safer?


Also I must say I love your guide. Things you say make more sense to me than some other guides do.

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