[On Hold] Glacial Cascade Totems [ALL Content in the Game]

kettu992 wrote:
Tool tip dps shows about 5.7kdps, it is bad?

That seems low for having a 6L Soul Mantle. I would expect at least 10k dps on the tool tip with a 6L at around lvl 70 and gems at around level 16-17. Even that is probably too low an estimate though.
Pitou6 wrote:
how u all get 6-link armor. i lose 800+ orb of fusing and get only 5 link(

You buy it :). I have stopped using fusings to 6link (very unlucky). Usually i buy a prophecy to 5 link with a single jeweller at the start of the league, then once i have enough i just buy my 6link.
In the case of the soul mantle is not even that expensive(3.4ex the lowest right now).

In your case if you sold the fusing : 800 fusings ~ 500chaos ~ 3ex.
Trying to link it yourself is always a gamble.
Hi can i get PoB link? :D and can i have another armour than soul mantle?
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Im dying in Red Maps so much. 1-Shotted by everything but the damage is pretty good.
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wha weps should e go for can u post some or so?
guess i will be making a GC totem character. any ideas of what gems to switch for that? thanks in advance.
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any ideas of what gems to switch for that? thanks in advance.

That is the same gem colors I have. Glacial Cascade - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Increased Critical Strikes - Cold Penetration - Hypothermia.

Works very well.
Good and easy build. Thanks.
very fun so far :D
I would LOVE to have a POB link for this build! This looks like a lot of fun.

Anyone happen to have the one that was taken down until the new one is posted?

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