[3.1] OutofMilk's Physical ST (Shaper down on Budget!. Clears all content including U-Atziri!)

Path of building link updated

Would recommend following the PoB until i find the time to update the rest of the guide!

think i could make it work with

not sure what i would do in off hand.
Wouldn't it be a better decision to put minion dmg support rather than dmg on full life since the minions increases in dmg count for you to, because of the scourge? Just a thought.
have u considered using bloodseeker?
Thanks for this build guide.
This build is really fun specially that I love Necromancer because of summoning and Raider because of its quickness.This build has both aspects in 1.
When I saw the Scourge claw before,I liked both the concept and the name of that claw and kind of wished I'd go for a build that utilizes it.I was going for a firestorm necro build that utilizes it on 3.0 before I took a break and when I came back,I was lucky enough to find this build.

Luckily,I had a Scourge claw and Belly of Beast already so all I needed to get were some rares and another scourge claw as well as some skill gems (enlighten,vaal haste).
Buying those stuff I didn't have costed me around 25c (2nd scourge claw costed around 9-10c,vaal haste costed 5c,Enlighten costed 3c,the rest of the stuff were like 1-3 c each or less)
So its actually kinda budget (within 25c) and if someone didn't have the belly and another scourge claw then may be it would cost them around 40-50 c max if they go for budget version.

To be honest,though,I couldn't get many items with accuracy since it was hard to find something that gives many good stats along with high resistance while suiting my broken arse budget.
I can't get my Belly above 4L,atm,either.
Also,RNG was not that great with me on some of the flasks but I got them way closer to the rolls you have on the budget version of flask and bought myself an Atziri's Promise.
Yet,when I tried some little maps,it actually worked well so worth it for me. :D

I'm gonna call this build The Ghoul or The Wolverine for fun since The Scourge claws along with Bone helmet really made it look like one of those good old Warcraft 3 ghouls. :P
You call it what you like but I'm sure we're gonna agree that it looks totally badass. XD

I have 1 question,though.
Since we're using The Scourge,is it worth it to add minion damage enchants to armor pieces using crafting benches?
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Hi sir,i want ask you. Iam just playing your build. My question is. Claw with 450+ phys dps will boost dmg more than scourge? If´s worth to spend 20ex for it? Thx for reply
Hi! I am very excited to try out this build, but I am curious about how it works with the rework (Butcher) of Vaal Pact. Have you tried it since the rework and does it still murder content without it?
- Thanks in advance
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I am currently playing this build in abyss league and I can tell you it's legit, even tho I have not reached far in the endgame content yet. The new abyssal gems give nice possibilities with the taunt/blind on minion hit.
However I don't really understand the choice for Kaom's roots, on your build you linked you loose more than 30% evasion, is more life and +1 frenzy worth a 4 link and that much of eva?
outofmilk wrote:
Path of building link updated

Would recommend following the PoB until i find the time to update the rest of the guide!


You are missing out on so much damage by not using minion damage jewels. It's one of the main reason you go scourge claws.
3L A: Orb of Stormss -> Curse on hit -> Proj weakness -> Vaal Haste

On the Links section you show us 4 Gems on the 3Link(A), this might be a completely dumb question since I'm new to the game but, if it does mean one of the previous gems is to be replaced with Vaal Haste which gem would it be?

Edit: Also "Increased Crit" is meant to be Increased Critical Strikes Support or Increased Critical Damage Support?
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