[3.0] Berserker Crit Dark Pact Optimised ClearSpeed/BossFights 1mil+ DPS/Defensive/Fast 7k+Life

Hello everyone this is my version of dark pact berserker build
First of all i beat all the content in this game with this build.
In this build we are shield charging monster packs to packs and one shot them and facetanking any bosses in the game without changing any gear before after.

7K life and 1mil+ dps. %55 normal crit chance,%87 effective crit chance %375 crit multiplier!

Im gonna keep it simple and explain my gear choices and gameplay.

PoB Link :

I leveled my character till around level 50 with sunder then switched to dark pact with blaphsemy warlord mark.we have good regen nodes in tree+pain reaver ascendacy so dark pact was better at that point to clear mobs.

Bandits : There are 2 options : Help alira or kill all. i killed all and got my 2 passive points.its your choice.But in my opinion getting 2 points helps you to build your character faster.And if you want alira you can alwasy get it at late game.

Labs/Ascendacy : I have done normal lab after i killed malachai act4 and got Pain Reaver first.
Cruel lab around level 50 : Crave the slaughter
Merciless lab level 65 : Aspect of Carnage
Uber lab : Cloak in savagery ( note that this is very important for survivability)

Tree for level 30 :
I picked up Resolute technique to have better leveling but we are going to refund those points later.

Tree for level 60 and 80:
https://goo.gl/4NZ5q4 here we refunded resolute technique nodes to start using dark pact.note at after this i recommend you getting life notes first.
Level 80 example:https://goo.gl/eDQnac

Tree for 91 level ( My tree ) :

My stats on character :

Gear choices and why


This weapon is grants summon harbinger minion which gives you level 21 arcane surge(%21 more spell damage+%21 cast speed) for 4 seconds.Also since its a sword we can use our movement skill shield charge.Also it has lightning damage for spells on it so we can shock enemies all the time.
Storm cascade(sword skill) skill is an aoe skill that im using it for generating power charges(also it oneshot packs :D).So my gem setup is : Curse on hit+assasins mark+Inc crit strikes/power charge on crit/inc aoe.
For getting 3 blue you should definetaly use vorici color trick.


Life+aoe+aoe damage+all resist makes it best.
Gem setup : Dark pact+void manipulation+inc crit strikes+spell echo+added chaos damage +conc effect

Boots+Helmet synergy

Cannot be stunned+Cannot be frozen+Cannot be slowed means you are unstoppable for fights without this you will die.Oh its missing movement speed? here is the solution

This helmet gives us the lost movement speed from boots and also %16 speed for shield charge which is great. Gem links : Herald of ice+Arctic armour+Enlighten3+haste[/spoiler]


If you are going to use ES shield ,rolls should be spell damage/spell crit chance+life+resist.im using armour shield so it can get only crit chance with essence of scorn.its up to you to go dps or def.
Gems : spell totem+faster casting+wither


Essence of insanity crafted gloves for faster shield charging.
Gems : Shield charge+faster attacks+fortify+culling strike.

Jewelery : Diamond rings with life resist on it .Same as necklace life+crit roll+resists.

My gear

My Jewels

Flasks :


Pantheons : Major :
Soul of Lunaris for mapping easy ones because it gives movement speed and helps you inside harbinger packs.(avoid projectiles captured enough)
Soul of Solaris will give you more survivability so you can use this for though maps/Guardians.( Fully captured)

Minor :
Soul of gruthkul( captured )
For burning ground maps use Soul of Abberath will help alot.

Gameplay: We are shield charging all the time in map triggering storm cascade to apply assasin mark on mobs so getting power charges up . On boss using our wither totem and facetanking everything.

Possible upgrades for endgame
Essence of envy crafted diamond rings for example :

Atziris acuity gloves for having both life regen and insta leech.
An end game dagger with these rolls= +%70 inc spell damage / %100+inc crit for spells / 1.6+ aps / adds lightning damage to spells / crit multiplier.
Level 21 gems in your chest.

Videos :

Sorry guys i dont have time to play poe lately and bored of league so i wont be active as before.
i wish good luck everyone and have fun!
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Looks OP, gotta try it out!!
Looks strong, i'll try the build with my next character.
thanks guys. Lair of the hydra video is up.
good looking build gonna try it out
Do you rush for Vaal pact first?

Ty for answer.
i picked up vaal pact after finished merciless lab+killed kitava in act10 around level 65 but had some troubles so i dont recommend you do that.

Added tree examples in the guide.
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Best guide ty bro :=)
Yo man i'm levelling my char,just a small question what bandit i should pick?
I already have a semi levelled char (like level 30) and in that old char i have helped oak (just because i'm lazy and i don't want to level from scratch another char :3).
Should be ok or is better take other bandits/kill all for other bonuses?
Ty dude for the build and for the reply,and sorry for my dumb question sadly i'm still a newbie :)
There are 2 options : Help alira or kill all. i killed all and got my 2 passive points.its your choice but helping oak has nothing to do with this build sadly. But dont forget you can always refund your 2 skill points with the recipe that costs you 20 regret orbs if you are too lazy :)

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