[3.7] Oro's Flicker Berserker | 3M DPS | Teleport Through Maps In Seconds

OiImPat wrote:
No offence Oro but it's kinda trolling. First of all your build on pob does 220k damage okay that's fine but you self "crafted" the cobalt jewel %59 more damage. And removing that jewel lowers your dps by 100k .... if you're planning on making more of these builds ...just don't thanks!

Close combat doesn't work in POB so the 59% more is for that, which is always on for flicker. So yes the "crafted" works. Personally, if I have to add something like that I usually do it on flasks but each to their own.

If you are going to be condescending about something at least make sure you know what you are talking about.
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hey im trying this on an elementalist

here is tree link


what do you think ? should i switch to maraduers ? less tanky as elemetalist

aside from that i think the passive tree link you put in first link is not updated since you said with vaal pact + berserker ( which i didnt found such node on tree [newbie here] ) you can facetank anything unless its a one shot and second thing im a little worried is i got kaom's heart and xoph's blood aswell on another maraduer but it doesnt go 3M it lacks DPS facing bosses

and i was wondering what spell would you suggest to replace flicker strike for bosses liek double strike or .... more control over the character for uber elder and .,..

+ say anything that can help me out gotta go this build with a maraduers with 3-4 Exalted budget i can provide even more if its viable to do any content if you dodge skills and .... .
Oro, I see you ditched Fireborn to focus on maxxing out frenzy charges. Before I run the math in PoB, does it amount to a big difference? How many max frenzy charges do you have with your build and gear choices?
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Hey everyone. I'm using this guide to base my Oro's flicker character off of.

I've killed shaper and elder guardians (first time I've fought Shaper ever) and have attempted Uber Elder once (again, first time I ever tried it). I got destroyed pretty badly during Uber Elder, only managed to damage Shaper until it swapped to Elder once before I ran out of portals. I die quite fast.

Here is my gear:

My flasks:

My Jewels:

And here's my PoB: https://pastebin.com/zuH0fG1k

Not sure what I should aim for the next upgrades to kill Uber Elder. I have around 5-6 ex to burn at the moment.

I'm thinking of saving for following upgrades:
Weapon: a 6L Oro's with Fortify corruption, though that will cost me around 11-12 ex. Then I can refund or level to get those 4 Fortify nodes at the bottom.

Helm: Replace with a Starkonja's with 9% flicker per frenzy enchant (~9 ex) or with something that has similar stats to what I have but also with 3% increase max life (3ex).

Belt: similar belt but with more life (4-5ex)

Jewels: get a Watcher's Eye with another Anger mod (pipe dream) but probably there's other options.

I'm also wondering if there are any gem swaps I can do for single target that would make Uber Elder doable with my current gear, or maybe any passive/jewel changes that won't cost too much.

If all else fails I'm thinking of looking for another build that I can transfer some of this gear into (fire build ofc) to get the job done but I'm really intent on getting it done with a Flicker character
I personally abandoned this one cause after levelling it and gearing it almost to exactly the same my damage was not nearly "3 million" dps so I took as pob manipulation Garbo. Build overall isnt bad and flicker was fun but I don't see it doing the damage it claims and being a lot squishier than I expected it to be. 3/10 cause it was a let down that it seems like the damage isn't real.
In my opinion this build never recovered since the addition of Delve. Add how Molten Strike lately lost relative to Cyclone, and this build is just not competitive anymore. Not the OP's fault, and I like the mechanics, but it is what it is.

Luckily you can re-use a lot of the expensive gear in a Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone build, which is even faster than Flicker Strike for mapping, has much better single target damage, and can actually delve.

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