[3.4] EQ / Sunder Juggernaut - Uber Lab / Guardians - League Starter / Budget - with Videos

I like this build very much as it's cheap and I can make lab... but. I make that lab very slowly :(

After equipping the perserverance shouldn't we regret the iron reflexes node?
Perfect. I rewatched the vod and saw him say this exactly. Thank you!
Just a quick question, could i run this in 3.4 using ground slam instead of sunder/eq? and if so what changes would you make to the links or skill tree?
you suggest maces, but have no 2h maces that you even rec? and we put 9 points into maces?
my items on this build

pure dmg 57,7k/ hatred + herald of ash 87,7k / in fight sunder have 100-180k
all res 75%
armor 44k
hp 5k

expense 10-12 ex

still upgrade
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What level should i be when i start doing lab with this build
Hopefully it's still solid after the patch notes come out for 3.5.
Prismatic eclipse + leap slam RIP? What we will use?
yea i was hoping to play this as my league starter. wondering how i should level it now that 1h is kinda nerfed. also leap slam getting nerfed seems bad but probably still viable?
Level with a 2 hand.

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