Path of Exile on Xbox One will Launch on August 24

2 more days woohoooo
silumit wrote:
menacegb wrote:
LOL. PS4 does have the same architecture. Infact the PS4 is more like PC than the Xbox.
Problem is, xbox OS is castrated windows, while PS runs something based on BSD, so porting poe to ps4 will be on par with making a linux port of the game. Looks to me like a hell of a lot more work compared to porting to xbone.

I didn't say it was easier to port to PS4 though. infact I said the clmplete opposite.

Hardware on PS4 is pretty much a PC. But the software side is why Xbox easier to port to. Which,lets face it, makes perfect sense sincce Sony is a hardware clmpany and MS a software company.
2 more days is killing me, as is the 10pm start time. They should switch the servers on a couple of days early for people who buy the First Blood pack.
Will my characters i had on pc transfer to xbox
No, it will be completely different realm which will not be connected to "main" servers in any way.
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.

What really bothers me is that I cant link my MTX with the xbox account -.-... I would like to play with my xone friends but all my MTX are on PC... I have invested quite alot in this game and it would be really nice to a)get all my MTX to xbox account b)get equiv of points for xbox account c)get at least some % of the bought PC MTX for xbox account :)

Thank you
Can i use the 200 points on stash tabs?

Why do people always ask if their pc progress will transfer to a console port or vice versa its never worked that way and never will :/
Is it the 24th yet ?
Psalms of Moribund
^ Yes. Just kidding.
Knowledge is power.
TheKTrain94 wrote:
^ Yes. Just kidding.

Hurtful ... :(
Psalms of Moribund

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