Path of Exile on Xbox One will Launch on August 24

Where's the patch notes for Xbox release? I sure hope we can see what has been fixed, considering some skills like Cyclone are relatively worthless and broken atm.
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When you launch the version of xbox you introduce the translation into spanish in the pc version?
Microsoft has UWP, so it's easy to port PC Stuff to XBOX. So I don't think that there will be a PS4 release in the near future.
Awesome. I tried playing this game a few years back but my laptop couldn't handle it really back then. Have pre-ordered the pack and look forward to trying again.
Psalms of Moribund
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Feels like its christmas in 25 hours! 😎
Is it the 24th yet ?
Psalms of Moribund
ghstbr wrote:
Is it the 24th yet ?
Yup.... Still 20 hours to release though. Last time i was this hyped WOTLK was dropping for wow, lol
I agree, it would be nice to know what has been fixed and what is being worked on still, so we know what builds work and what skills are worthless still. Also are loot filters and the trading tab going to be live at launch?
19 long miserable poeless hours to go.

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