[3.2] Poison Quill rain - 100 arrows per second lag maker

3/2/2018 Update
This league I will return to this build after my league starter, but I am going to go the assassin route. It will use the same skill tree more or less but it will only be single curse dendrobate build.
Here is my POB plan https://pastebin.com/HhvMJn32

(3.1 12/30/2017 updated)
Hello, I play life on hit builds and since the poison changes life on hit with poison has been a great combo. This league I have tried out a few different version of the poison quill rain and added them all here. There are more version I have not tried yet also and will probably update as I do.

Old warning: This build has switched mainly to tornado shot, barrage just doesn't have the clear and the jewel slots from volley fire can be used more effectively so the arrow build up is no longer an issue.

Warning: This build fires over 100 arrows a second, when in small rooms the arrow build up on walls can cause massive lag and make some fights harder if you do not have a strong computer.

Shaper with the Dual curse tornado shot poison was a stright forward fight and I didn't have much of an issue with it first time no deaths no portals used if you know the fight it's easy enough. I don't think the new build can do hall of the grandmasters, and I still am not sure how I managed to do it on the 3.0 build TBH.

I still don't recommend hardcore, but the build is max dodge now making it seem very tanky in most situations, but you can still get 1 hit by the guardians and T15 bosses so a low tier map farmer could be useful but I don't like the death potential.


3.0 videos Kaom's build
t13 Lair map with 41% extra life
Face tanking dark forest
3.1 Dual curse
No videos yet.

Path of builder: Current live character

Can run any map mod (reduced chance to poison will be slow)
Life on hit, you have hp regen and can heal off targets like lab pillars
Somewhat cheap for end game, you need a 6l quill rain which can be inexpensive compared to other 6ls
Purity of elements for easier resist cap(if needed)
Face tank a lot of content (6k+ hps healing)
50% Curse effectiveness on you from thief's torment


3.1 Cons:
You might get 1 shot at some point because of only 4k HP
3.0 Cons:
You need max frenzy charges or you will not do damage
Frenzy charge duration is decreased
Your damage potential caps out in end game
Instant 20 stacks of corrupting blood
Shaper and guardians take 500k+ dps down to 100k+ due to it being poison
Slow movement without frenzy charges and Devoto’s devotion

How does it work:
The build works by using poison damage to avoid the negative penalties of the Quill rain alongside greater multiple projectiles. It’s base damage comes almost entirely from added chaos damage gem so it eventually hits a limit where your dps cannot increase much higher. Using the quill rain attack speed is then scaled to crazy high amounts alongside barrage and thief’s torment for around 100 hits a second single target for ~6k life on hit per second.

Core gear and skills:
Offensive Core items:

Quill rain: This gives us the attack speed needed

Added chaos damage: our base damage

Thief’s Torment: This is required for mana/life on hit to sustain both pools.

These three are the main pieces of gear for every Poison quill build

3.1 Dual Curse

Cospri's and curse on hit temp chains are the key for this build this allows you to poison at 100% chance and then either using frenzy + curse on hit despair or the new necklace you will get your second curse.

You could even blasphemy despair before the necklace and take off arctic armor

You will also want to use the Jewels and boots in the defensive kintsugi section

High res helm and belt are needed to avoid purity, sacrifice the HP to get these like I have it's not overly important because of how much you dodge.

3.1 Defensive kintsugi

The goal here is to allow you cap dodge when you get hit and to reduce the damage taken when you get hit. Multi hit attacks don't matter that much because of dodge so the abyss mobs are easy so really only the big hits are what matter.

Snake bites are needed for poison in this version just like in the 3.0 kaom's version
Volley Fire x3: This helps your clear with barrage.

3.0 Kaom's items

This should still work as nothing was changed but it is far more expensive this league

Kaom’s roots: I usually play melee builds so I don’t understand anything other than these

Belly of the beast: More HP because we don’t evade

Devoto’s devotion: Move speed because we don’t have it on our boots. I required this for shaper and other end game fights
Warning: Do not use this if you are struggling with resists, get this item for end game fights like guardians if you start to run into movement issues.

Blasphemy > poachers mark: This gives us more life on hit, and more accuracy to hit more. I eventually switch to arctic armor when I get temp chains snakebite.

Snake bite for poison

3.1 Other section:

There are two other builds 1 is the dendrobate and the other is a quanitiy build.
You can run

Along with a biscos using the Snakebite gloves for a quanitiy farmer, move speed is a bit slow but it works well if that is something you are looking for.

Also the Big money version of the build will be the Dendrobate:
Dendrobate: 6l with more poison chance on tree to get a 100% poison chance 7L tornado shot
+1 arrow Quill rain:
Ilvl 85 Envy lapis amulet: Just roll envy and Master craft life all res flat phys and flat chaos

Main quill rain 6l:

Barrage > added chaos damage > Greater Multiple Projectiles > Mirage Archer > Vile toxins > deadly ailments
Add them in that order, switch out vile toxins with poison until you get snake bite
There are two noteable gems here
Mirage archer: This gem is fantastic for bow users it is a 36% more multiplier that does not turn off, which means if you are moving around you are still getting 36% DPS on harder boss fights
No unbound ailments: I don't use unbound ailments mainly because I don't like extending the damage via duration while also using temp chains. On hard boss fights and guardians it will be more effective and you can go with unbound ailments instead of Vile toxins or Deadly ailments

Off hand weapon 3.0 kaom's build only because you will need the sockets
Quill rain 2L
Frenzy > Greater multiple projectiles
4 extra level sockets(usually added chaos damage need the +21)

Frenzy > GMP
If no blasphemy Despair use curse on hit despair attached to frenzy

Wither totem:
Spell totem > faster casting > wither > increase duration

Arctic armor / Purity of elements Or Haste / blood rage
Blasphemy Despiar is also used once you have the
But until the I recomend adding Curse on hit frenzy with despair

4l Cast when damage taken (fully leveled 3.0 only lvl1 for 3.1) > immortal call > increase duration/
CWDT max lvl > fire or lightning golem (because I don't like summoning them

2l Blink arrow > culling strike (you don’t need culling strike or the 2l quill rain is fast enough for blink arrow)


Soul of lunaris
Soul of Ralakesh: Immunity to blind keeps us hitting and healing along with bleed help we instantly get 20 stacks of corrupting blood.
I honestly Havn't put much thought into these but
Brine king: for stun
Ryslatha: for more HP flask charges
I didn't level either of them just the base


I started the league with this build and leveled without thief’s torment for a while using blasphemy poachers mark it was rough until I got a thief’s torment. I don’t recommend trying to level this build without quill rain, thief’s torment at least 1 volley fire with barrage > added chaos damage > GMP > poison.
I leveled with barrage volly fire and thief's torment, I had another character at the start of the league so it worked smoothly. I expect leveling with split shot or frost blades until you can tornado shot GMP will be the most effective.


Kill all for 2 skill points
Kill or help Kraityn
I helped Kraityn for the dodge

End game gear goals 3.0:
+1 frenzy Kaom’s roots

Temporal chains on hit snake bite

Devoto’s devotion +2 barrage projectiles

HP neck with t1 flat phys and open prefix for flat chaos damage craft

Belt with + move speed and all resists

Broadhead arrow quiver with + flat physical damage and + attack speed + life/resists

Level 21 Added chaos damage

End game gear goals 2 3.0:
There are a few items to add significantly more damage that will cost a little extra and diverge from the original plan
6l the belly and use it as the main skill.
Corrupted additional arrow quill rain with sockets for purity, arctic armor,
Depending on extra sockets (blink arrow, frenzy, blood rage, golem).
Sockets for wither totem
Additional arrow drill neck
Cwdt -> Immortal call
(depending on bow sockets) Blink arrow, frenzy, blood rage, golem or increase duration for IC
Dying sun for more projectiles

Overall this should give us 4 more projectiles but run the build a little more expensive
The neck piece will probably need to be better to make up for the loss of the quiver resist.

End game 3.1:
Outside of the dendrobate envy neckalce there isn't really any super expensive end game gear that is needed, maybe just level 21 added chaos

Flasks are mostly open to what defense you need and want.
I recommend a quick silver for faster clears.
Sulfer flask because it’s really the only damage flask we can have I had my shock immunity on this.
Atziri’s promise: this is only for the leech if you want more staying power the damage is negligable. Use onslaught flask instead for onslaught against bosses
Basalt flask: this helps us face tank better.

3.1: There are a few new options

This is my go to flask for ignoreing curses and giving the blind damage from Maloney's

I use this to get to max dodge or activate my immunities from the raider tree

You can use this for extra duration on bosses, but I don't want to lose any of my flasks for it

Dying sun also will give you a lot of extra damage from the projectiles but I did the game without it so I don't see a reason to give up another flask.

Overall you want to get curse immunity and bleed immunity I like the Stibnite and sulfer for their low charge cost that allows you to use them often and without much care.

Skill tree:

I don’t have a leveling plan but I pathed in this order
Duelist area Master of the area > Golem’s Blood > herbablism > skip bow wheel > acrobatics > Shadow HP > revenge of the hunted > finish bow wheel 90+


The new tree gives less HP but more Int and Res which are necessary if you don't want to run purity which is the goal eventually. Leveling, follow the 3.0 plan but grab Phase acrobatics and then the bow wheel after


3.0 kaom's
Raider: avatar of the slaughter first for the move speed and frenzy charges. Then avatar of the chase for better clear speed or avatar of the veil for better kiting of bosses.

3.1 Dual curse
Raider: Way of the poacher first, then Avatar of the veil for your immunities and then go back to avatar of the slaughter.

Final note: Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions there have been many. The dual curse build from this league I find very enjoyable for all of the content in the game. It won't be the best build at any one thing but it's very solid all around for generally ignoring everything and cursing through maps.

Old note:
I don’t know how to turn of arrows building up, since I can’t do that the build just makes lag here is a screenshot of a boss fight that took a few seconds to do.

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What for bandits quest?
i really really like this. im not going to ever do something like it, but i love that you can do it and you've done it and made it work. bravo, good sir, bravo.
I want to make that build. But I think you made mistake in tree or smth. Volley fire does not working in all slots u have on tree. There is no 40dext in this pathing. Like next to golem blood. There is only 30dex. Better use normal rare jevel I quess? cos only 10% dmg is not worth it
kileras12 wrote:
What for bandits quest?

Kill all for the skill points I added it thanks.
kileras12 wrote:
I want to make that build. But I think you made mistake in tree or smth. Volley fire does not working in all slots u have on tree. There is no 40dext in this pathing. Like next to golem blood. There is only 30dex. Better use normal rare jevel I quess? cos only 10% dmg is not worth it

You don't need to allocate the dex nodes in the circle they just need to exist there.

Patch 2.6 "Unique Threshold Jewels that applied to specific skills have had their attribute requirements reduced to 40, from 50. They also no longer require those attributes to be allocated."
How do you deal with resists? Purity of ele itself does not give enough, while you're using mostly uniques and both ring slots
Can we get a vid of this build in action? Something really simple will do. Just to see how it works.
Between Purity, thief's torment, and belly of the beast you get 76% to all res. That leaves 59% to cap between your quiver, neck, and belt. You can add in helm also because devoto's is for defense and is not really needed until hard end game fights.

Once you add in devoto's it gets tough, I'm only sitting at cap res 75% atm but I also don't have much res on my quiver or neck because I went for the most damage I could. Also thief's torment has 50% curse reduction so you don't need as much over cap if you are worried about that too.
Vandenreich wrote:
Can we get a vid of this build in action? Something really simple will do. Just to see how it works.

added a video for ya. Later I might be able to make a better one this one has 41% extra life.

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