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Is it possible to make the transitions in the loopback more softly? Atm you can clearly hear the ending and the beginning of the loopback, its very unpleasant. For example in Act 2 in the town you can hear these interruptions especially clear.
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Yes, the existing music is currently going through some updates and this is one of the things that are on the list to fix.
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I really wish the music in general would make us shiver mostly, on all counts. Currently it's very far to be a horror-atmosphered aRPG, regardless whether you have been in town, or in a cave. The music most of the time sounds so warm that it seems out of the place from Wraeclast, its just "a breath of a fresh air".

The music itself does not fit with atmosphere, PoE needs much more dark, evilish, and haunting atmosphere overall, and music takes a great deal of dose here. You could uplift the quality of atmosphere by adding some sinistrous chants, hellish moans for us who wanna take its evil glory at its sickest way.

I claim you could handle this improvement by pushing the limits.
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Can I do that in the final battle with the boss sounded some other such tense, fast, dark music?
Sorry my bad english.

We have chosen to go with a more foreboding sound rather than truly dark ambient tunes. The thinking here is push the anticipation more than making it depressive, if that makes any sense? Either way if you have any examples of something that would fit well I would be happy to listen to it.
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However it is very hard to give the right mood when writing new materials, i'd want to point out the great composer Matt Uelmen's works;


very sinistrous, thrilling, yet addictive tunes. Especially interlude-like deamon moanings with inhale/exhales of the lustful female's sounds echoing through the caves, the music makes us feel.

The other composer being: Steve Roach. He has tremendous works in ambient music, both in dark, tribal, space etc. Wanna share with you the ones that put forward the feeling of post-apocalyptic and nihil;

Cloud Watching with the Toolmaker
and the tribal one;
Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost

last example worshipping to a more evil glory from band Melek-Tha;
Melek-Tha - The Antichrist Manifestation
repetitive but never loses its tension, thats like we are marching to hell with thousands of legions.

To sum it up: If only the music could be more eerie, strained and more cold, i think it would fit better with the atmosphere of Wraeclast. What you guys think ?
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Although I really enjoy the music for the moment in PoE, it could be great to add more tunes for areas.
If not, the music become repetitive and can be boring.

BrecMadak, your references are very good for this kind of game, but I would also like to see not so darkish music for outside areas.
For instance, it could be great to have two kinds of music:
- dark and sinistrous music for dark areas
- more ambiant music for outside (such as Mark Morgan's work on Fallout and Planescape torment or Steve Roach in his tribal mood).

Later on , will we hear many different music clips spread out on many areas.

Or will it be more or less 4-5 music clips that gets reused like you notice in some other games.

Where it mostly is for example.

1 Town music

1 over ground

1 under ground

1 boss music

I myself atleast would really enjoy it if at some point almost every place had it´s own type of music to enhance the feeling of the area you are in :)

But i have no idea how hard that would be to accomplish.

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