3.0.1 Patch Notes

Harbingers still bad
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Please GGG , fix the DC's on changing areas. Can't enjoy the game because of that interruption :(
So i guess i missed the line where...

-Arcane Surge can no longer be gained from casting totems.....
Because apparently that was changed as well but never mentioned...
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Update to buff I guess, the fights are just a bit longer, but the buff to shards increase is there, but not to I guess what most people were expecting or myself, anyways here we go, 1/20th-2/20th chaos orbs to now 1/20th-3/20th, but after patch much fewer times chaos shards was dropped, so not necessarily a buff, as I have killed him 5 times in a row and no chaos shards dropped at all. Before patch, I would have gotten at least 3 chaos shards by then.

Still no change on exalts shards, I still have the same 4 shards since start of league, all before patch, at this rate I might get a whole exalt from harbinger by the time league ends, maybe.

Transmutes has gone down and harbinger shards avg 3-5 per encounter so that is an increase I do see. I also noticed a weee bit more times I do see the little blue fairy so that was also increase.

Other player's experience can and more than likely be different from mine.
not sure if im the only one here on this but since the patch I have been pretty much just running maps when I play and I have noticed a pretty good decrease in the frequency of the harbingers. for example the other night I ran about 30 maps and only had one harbinger encounter. The patch states they increased the amount they show up in maps but i don't see that if anything it has gotten worse. pre update i would run into harbingers every 5-10 maps or so.
my god the harbinger improvement already !!
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