3.0.1 Patch Notes

Thanks for the noasynch fix. Being able to reenable the option yielded a quarter to a third higher fps performance compared to 3.0.
Harbingers feel like trash to loot now, I thought there were supposed to be more shards but all I get is more disappointment from "higher stack sizes" of 2 chaos shards and alteration shards from map harbingers, this patch isn't working as many people were led to believe, its a straight downgrade in loot.
I still have a consistent bug which DC's me when changing zones (especially when loading Epilogue Oriath), even though it says you fixed it.
May Innocence guide you, citizen of Oriath...
Bandit quest in standard still bugged, tried to respec recipe it and that was also bugged.
Go Big Or Go Home!
I still have a consistent bug which DC's me when changing zones (especially when loading Epilogue Oriath), even though it says you fixed it.

Me too. Even when logging onto my characters, trying to enter maps, ascendancy, town, hideout...
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I have no bandit respec option at eramir, quest is still bugged - I go to oak, choose help, kill his rivals, but they don't drop their amulets. :/
When I do /passives I see I have been granted 2 passive points, but I didn't kill all!

more interesting - there is even no such string in the launcher's change log)
Fix dx11 graphic bugs omg xD
The bandit fix did not make it into the released patch:


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The Ravaged Square now has fewer Heretical Wards.

Honestly, i see many complaining about them, but those are a joke -
compared to the Kitava battle afterwards. Not once did i die during
the entire game (including the respecetive Izarro's) but Kitava whacked
the cheeze out of me. I cannot understand how poeple manage to win
this fight without constantly town portalling to replenish their flasks.
I died like 10 times getting him to half of his health, switched to
dual siege ballistas and died another 5 times for running out of flasks.

And yet people are complaining about those Heretical Wards. Come'on.
Anyone can blink/dash/etc out of their way easily, then set them ablaze.

Not so with Kitava. He hits you with the largest aoe attack ever, which
in the end gets almost inescapable, when you then go to a "relatively
safe spot" there are traps, later 3 bigger traps, a laser beam, his two
minions constantly preventing your ES to recharge and when you hit him
hard enough, a trashmob like no other attacks you while he's taking his
5 minutes. Sin and the other douche are not helpful at all. And if that
where not enough, his health is absolutely insane, like 10x more than
Izarro + 5 times the attack power. I understand this fight must be extra
hard and you absolutely must learn the mechanics and attack patterns,
but Dominus on merciless is a day in Disneyland compared to this!

I know i need to git gud, but after ~700 successful and rewarding hours
i can't believe i'm being severely buttkicked by a head and two arms.
And yes, i constantly use trade.poe, i run at 2800 life 2200 es +50%EV.
Did you just totally fuck up maps with this patch? I've run 25+ T11-14 maps at 85%+ with more magic/rares and pack size. My incoming map total? ZERO T11+ maps. I haven't seen a map drop off a boss all day.

Also, I've seen 2 strongboxes since the patch. And Harbingers? Let's not get started on their even crappier drops.

Oh yeah, also haven't seen a prophecy show up in a map either since the patch. Not sure what that is about.

Either I'm having the worst RNG day, ever. Or you guys fucked some shit up... again...
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