[3.0] Kongor's Berserker Cyclone | Faster Mapper | High Single Target

Build Concept

The whole build revolves around using a Kongor's for the hits cannot be evaded so that we can drop resolute technique. This allows us to crit which then allows us to grab elemental overload for the 40% more elemental damage for 4 seconds on a critical strike.

Then we start converting our physical into cold with hrimsorrow and the winter spirit cluster on the tree, which then coverts 90% of our physical into cold, allowing us to then scale our damage through cold pen and elemental damage.

We mainly use Cyclone because it got an area of effect buff in 3.0 and feels pretty amazing for clearing but I could see other melee skills such as; Sunder, Earthquake, Ice Crash working with this build.



The weapon we use is a 2handed unique mace called Kongor's Undying Rage.


The best in slot helmet would be devoto's, the movement speed and attackspeed make clearing maps a breeze.

If you use a skill besides cyclone and finding yourself leapslaming everywhere you could drop it for a fat life/res helmet.


By far the best chest piece for our build is kaoms heart, It can be fairly expensive so if you can't afford it I'd recommend using a belly of the beast or just a rare chest piece with life.


The gloves we use on this build are hrimsorrows, this allows us to convert 90% of our physical to cold combined with winter spirit.


We use a rare pair of boots with High Life and movement speed combined with some resistance.


A rare Rustic Sash or Leather Belt with high life, Elemental damage and resistances.


We want to aim for high life, resistances and elemental damage rings.


Aim for a high Life, elemental damage, resistance amulet and you might need some intelligence.


Flask #1: Seething Divine Flask of Staunching.
Flask #2: Chemist's Stibnite Flask of Heat
Flask #3: Taste of Hate
Flask #4: Chemist's Basalt flask of Grounding
Flask #5: Chemist's Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline

Personally I didn't like lions rawh with cyclone because it pushed mobs outside of the cyclone, but you might find it works well and you could replace the basalt with it.


Cyclone: Either cyclone attackspeed or damage works really well, Hatred or herald of ash aura reduction also helps a bit with having a higher mana pool.

Earthquake: Earthquake reduction would easily be the best.

Ice Crash: Ice Crash Physical Damage gained as Extra Cold Damage would allow you to drop hrimsorrow and keep winter spirit and keep your 100% physical to cold conversion.

Boots: Easily the best enchant would be the increased critical strike chance when you haven't crit recently, increasing your elemental overload and onslaught uptime.

Gloves: Enchants on gloves don't really add much instead we would want to get a pair of hrimsorrow gloves corrupted with elemental weakness on hit.

Gem Links


5 Link: Cyclone - Melee Physical - Elemental Damage - Increased Area - Cold Penetration

6 Link: Cyclone - Melee Physical - Elemental Damage - Increased Area - Cold Penetration - Damage on full Life

If you feel your damage is up to par without damage on full life feel free to swap it for fortify for a big survivability boost (Would recommend for hardcore players)


4 Link: Leapslam - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Ancestral Warchief


4 Link: Herald of Ash - Hatred - Enlighten - Frost Bomb


4 Link: Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Vengence - Vortex

Enfeeble could be swapped out for a golem or a vaal grace.

Skill Tree / Bandits and Pantheon

Bandits: 2 Skill Points. If you make it to 90+ and find you have 2 skill points spare change it to Kraityn.

Pantheon: Major Pantheon Take Soul of Solaris. Minor Pantheon take Soul of Yugul.

Normal Lab: Crave the Slaughter
Cruel Lab: Aspect of Carnage
Merciless Lab: Pain Reaver
Uber Lab: Cloaked in Savagery

30 Skill Points : Leveling as 2handed Sunder
55 Skill Points : Leveling as 2handed Sunder
87 Skill Points : Leveling as 2handed Sunder
115 Skill Points : Full respec into endgame tree

My HSC Gear


Twink 2handed axe Upgrade Progession:

I would Highly recommend buying all these axes as you hit the levels for them, they're all about 1 chaos each and carry you from level13 into maps.

Use Groundslam/Molten strike until level12 then swap into Sunder at level12, If you don't have access to the twink axes I would recommend using the rustic sash recipe to craft some leveling axes

[1 Blacksmith, Magic or Rare Rustic Sasha and the weapon you want to upgrade into a vendor]

Links for sunder I would recommend would be:

Sunder - Melee Physical - Added Fire - Faster Attacks - Maim

Use sunder until about level70 and then swap over to kongors and respec into the end game tree.

Path of Building Paste Bin
IGN: @Norse
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can you kill shaper with this? seems alittle squishy t14+ maps
I'd consider Frostbite+Blasphemy over HoA.
Hey, i'm leveling this build but i don't find the ascendancy part, what should i take ?
It looks like he took aspect of carnage and cloaked in savagery.
reewarp wrote:
Hey, i'm leveling this build but i don't find the ascendancy part, what should i take ?

I wonder same thing, also in what order. playing HC if thats making a difference
Cocofang wrote:
I'd consider Frostbite+Blasphemy over HoA.

I originally used that setup but the mana reservation was too much and I had to run Bloodmagic in the links, so I ended up deciding that HoA + a gem link would be better than a blasphemy.
IGN: @Norse
Ascendancy update on part : Skill Tree / Bandits and Pantheon thanks @norseman21
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Why Sunder up to 70 and not straight with Cyclone?
What about Jewels?
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trying this out

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