[3.0] The Gatling Storm Burster - MOM-Crit-Life 1,8 Millions DPS Inquisitor

Do u think this guide will work on next league?

I love it.

Build will work for sure.
Unfortunately we will not have the shield from Harbinger. but we can use a rare life+spell damage shield without worries ;)
Shiroyoshi wrote:
Hi, i begin the game and use this build, nice work !

It may be a dumb question but i dont get how you stack endurance charges for immortal call ?

You don't necessarily need endurance charge for immortal call.
Endurance charge will increase the duration of Immortal Call, but you can still cast it for 0,4 seconds.
Anyway i prefer CWDT + Frost Wall

firstly just wanted to say that I am loving the build.

I have been experimenting with other types of gear while levelling and come across a fun variation of this build.

As I am not yet level 68 (65 at the moment), I picked up and used dual obliteration wands which I have found to be an absolutely devastating combination to packs of mobs.

Also been running around with a partial Fenemus set(helm, boots & gloves). This is a great way to build up power charges as the spider webs are constantly being cast every 0.5 seconds and for the majority of the time I always have max charges. The hindrance is a great life saver too.

The poison isn't very strong but I have enjoyed watching nearby packs of mobs explode from the wands when a poisoned enemy dies.

I was lucky enough to trade for a
which has freed up my belt slot but not sure exactly what I am going to wear. Most likely the best resistances belt that I can afford(suggestions anyone?).

I have taken a slight detour in the skill tree and picked up Eldritch Battery allowing me to spam my spells while running two auras and the Aspect of the Spider.

It's a fun variation and most likely not as powerful as the 'Gatling Storm Burster' in its original form but it is cheap.

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