[3.0] The Gatling Storm Burster - MOM-Crit-Life 1,8 Millions DPS Inquisitor

adivanfard wrote:
This is my first time back in POE in almost a year. I rolled a new character the other day and I've been following this build. So far so good. If this is an idiotic question, please forgive me.

My question is this: Given that the damage is mostly based on AOE explosions and crit, how do I assess whether a certain item is an upgrade in terms of damage done? My tooltip DPS is completely different than the actual DPS I am doing.

As mod on item you should search for different dps boost like :
- inc spell damage
- inc lightning damage
- inc crit multiplier
- add x to y lightning damage to spell
- inc crit chance

Best way is to use Path of Building.

ANyway your tooltip is telling you the damage of a single projectile (not explosion), whatever is increasing your projectile dps is also increasing your explosions dps. Only AoE damage is not counted here
Thanks for the reply. I assumed that the increased dps also translated to increased explosion, just wanted to make sure I wasn't wrong about that.

Another question about specing in to MoM: I'm having trouble running wrath + herald of ash and keeping mana up. Can't link blasphemy with assassin's mark either, or I completely run out of mana. I'm only lvl 37 right now. Should I spec out of MoM and try again at higher level? Spec out of MoM permanently?
Hello CptKeys,
i've just foiund the time to fully read your post and reply you.
I'm doing this as i'm quite disappointed as you described my guide as incomplete, but probably you missed a lot of informations inside it.

CptKeys wrote:

Also, sorry to burst your bubble - but PoB dps doesn't reflect the damage per orb explosion. If you look at the numbers, each explosion is doing roughly 125k average hit. So your "400k dps of single explosion" advertisement is a hoax. PoB simply multiplies the Orb hit by the cast rate which is NOT how the skill works necessarily.

PoB is telling, with expensive gear, 120k average dps for explosion.
Considering the 6 projectile, that Slower projectiles keep them close, and a cast speed of 3.31, i should say 2,4 Millions dps .

With dual Divinarious, NO jewel, JUST Atziri's Promis and Diamond flask, NO ring and ammy is 70k average dps, which is still 1,4 Milion dps.
Quite decent in my opinion with a cheap gear

CptKeys wrote:

Your resists are capped ONLY while flasks are active. Thats an extremely risky play style I don't think suits end game farming or boss play. Some items are completely missing stats and only have 4/6 prefixes/suffixes. The build is also set for level 99 - this is a bit too excessive for me personally. Level 92 is usually what builds stop at. I altered the tree a bit to match. - scaled to lvl 92

As i said i haven't lose time crafting defensive stat on gear on PoB. The lack on mod on gear can be filled with resistance. Never had issue with resistance even when dual wielding, with Kaoms and Winds of Change.
Resistances are not an issue, as no gear is mandatory

CptKeys wrote:

I fixed up the gear, made some stat improvements for more DPS on the jewels. Edited and assigned gem sockets. Overall a massive improvement in dps, lost a little surivability due to less skill points. See below for explanation and PoB Pastebin:

your jewel are expensive and unlikely to be used early on in a league..
Your tree is exactly mine without the Revenge of the Hunted nodes. But you picked Melding, which gives less life. don't get why...

CptKeys wrote:

I replaced Kaom's Roots with a pair of ES boots to compensate for the lacking resists. The build already has an abundant amount of Life for a MOM setup. - Added boot enchant to avoid stuns if you have killed recently.

As i said no gear is mandatory. The more hp we have the better it is, always, if you can afford resistance elsewhere, Kaoms are very nice. Freeze and stun immunity are not to be underestimated

CptKeys wrote:

I changed the 6L setup. Slower porjectiles makes for clunky and unsafe playstyle. Added Lightning is a bigger dps increase and QoL improvement anyways. Also replace increased crit damage with Increased Crit Strike. - DPS while diamond flask is up is equal. Dps while diamond flask is down is much higher.

Increased critical strike is pointless. You use flask only at bosses. with mobs you just need a 3link to be honest. Having higher dps with flask down (with mob pack) is unrelevant. We pop flask at bosses, and Increased crit damage is to be preferred.

CptKeys wrote:

Your HoT - CoH - Assassin's mark setup doesn't work on pure boss fights. I'd suggest putting this on a Ball Lightning - CoH - Assassin's Mark - Inc Duration / Faster Casting for the 4L boots mentioned above. It will slow down the clear speed potentially - you can either cast the ball lightning or the orb of storms on occaision for the power charges.

Curse is mostly for PC generation. On boss we gain charges with orb of storms. Assassin's mark is not necessary on bosses

CptKeys wrote:

I condensed HoT and Wrath into a 3L with enlighten for the weapon 1 slot. -- I'm not sure with being MoM and reserving so much mana is smart though. The spell costs 35 mana per channel start & sustained cast and will drain / end early if we take a smack and only have 680 mana max. Personally I'd take off HoT, we can afford the DPS loss for major quality of life.

I'm reworking it actually, going Pious Path, with almost 400 mana regen/sec. But i'm not experienced in MOM enough. We can go dual herlad and drop wrath probably.

CptKeys wrote:

Orb of Storms doesn't need Duration as it will likely be replaced frequently. 3L in Weapon 2

Actually using it with lvl7 Arcane surge - orb of storm - PCoC - Inc crit strike
Each cast grants arcane surge buff

CptKeys wrote:

Added a CWDT - Immortal call - Lightning Golem- Inc Duration 4L for Helmet. - ALSO i changed the helment enchant to storm burst damage. Much more dps to be gained from this.

The 4L gloves can be used for Arcane Surge procs / movement: Flame Dash - caster casting - arcane surge. I'm shocked you missed this massive dps boost and didn't have a movement skill in the build.

I'm shocked you missed i've suggested 3 movement skills acutally:
- Whirling blades with divinarious
- Lightning Warp or flame surge with wands

Arcane surge was already suggested by qruwka and actually using it

CptKeys wrote:

Keep kraityn as the bandit always. A jewel socket pickup from the 2 points nets 6k dps in this high end gear, but you lose dodge chance and move speed.

Alira can be a nice option too

CptKeys wrote:

All in all - the build looks strong. Everything in the PoB is EXTREMELY expensive(70 EX+) and not realistic for people just starting up or wanting to try out the build sadly. I'm really interested in the skill though. I'm going to mess around with some entry level gear and a cap of 2 EX and 5L to see what numbers on POB I can get. My only issue would be clear speed with this build, I usually like faster play styles. Hopefully this helps you continue improving things!

Totally wrong mate. But have you read my guide??????
Have you missed the part where i say that no gear is required as necessary, but just a doryani's invitation (1chaos belt) for the leech?
I've suggest what in my opinion could be the best and expensive gear for the build.
But you can run it with everything you want

CptKeys wrote:

Side note - your original post is fairly inconsistent and a little scatter-brained. You should consider cleaning it up and editing it with info ive provided as it is innacurate currently.

I'm rewriting the guide whenever i have a free minute. But i've seen you missed a lot of informations even if guide was quite plain and simple. Will try to make it more concentrated
Time is the only issue.

Stay tuned ;)

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Finally build updated ^^
What levels are your CWDT gems set-up? I'm about to equip my Kaom's Boots but I see the CWDT set-up having more utility while leveling.
CWDT is level 1.
Gems are levelled in order to be supported by it.
Inc duration is max level.

I've found CWDT to be more helpful rather than life from Kaoms
Added the gear i'm currently using to farm T14-15 maps
Still lvl 89 with some low level gems
Added a video running a T14 Maze

Will add a few more videos in the next days
Do u think this guide will work on next league?

I love it.
Hi, i begin the game and use this build, nice work !

It may be a dumb question but i dont get how you stack endurance charges for immortal call ?

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