[3.0] 100% Ele Conversion BV Inquisitor - Life Based - Cheap

Hello guys, ItsNerfedTheySaid here for a very effective Blade Vortex Elemental build.
Yes, BV is still viable.

Table of content:

1) Introduction
2) Pros and cons
3) Passive Tree
4) Gear
5) Links
6) Leveling Guide

1) Introduction

This Blade Vortex build is based on full elemental conversion.
You get 50% of your physical damage converted into cold thanks to
and the 50% left are converted thanks to Physical to Lightning support gem.
You want to play as an Inquisitor to get the true elemental damage on crit (Inevitable Judgement)

2) Pros and Cons

- Very nice boss killer
- Clear speed decent enough
- Can clear content pretty easily

- Ele reflect can be rough sometimes
- You have to be close to your ennemies so high life is needed

3) Passive Tree
Bandits: Help Alira

PoE Planner:

3) Gear
The build only require 1 unique item to make it good, and it's cheap as fuck.
Let's check what's good for each slot:


You want to get an ES based helmet with high life, resists, nothing more.


I had the chance to 6L my Carcass Jack within 50 fus, but you can use an ES based chest with high life roll, resists again, nothing too fancy.
If you can afford it, Carcass Jack is the BiS for this build.


The only mandatory item, Hrimsorrow, these gloves are cheap and allow you to convert your Physical damage, BiS of course.
You don't need to buy the fated version.

Early on, you can carry a Belt of the Deceiver, which allows you to boost a little bit your damage.
Once you're okay with your dps, you can swap on a classic Leather Belt with high life and resists

You want to get armor based boots, because you'll need the 4R for your CWDT setup.
Again, classic rare boots, life, resists, %ms

Here, you have multiple choices, if you start with this build, you should aim on a rare dagger with Crit Chance for spells, Spell Damage, and attack speed if you can, something like this

In the end, you want to get Doryani's Catalyst for his awesome Elemental Damage

Same thing, classic rare shield with crit chance for spells, spell damage, life and some resists if you can.

For the rings, you want to grab Two-Stone rings with Dexterity (to lvl up Blade Vortex), life and resists, on both.

Concerning the amulet, you want a Jade Amulet with life, spell damage, some crit multi if you can afford and resists.

4) Links

These are the optimum links in my opinion


-Orb of Storms
-Increased Critical Strikes Support
-Power Charge on Critical Support
-Arcane Surge Suppport


-Blade Vortex
-Physical to Lightning Support
-Increased Critical Strikes Support
-Spell Echo Support
-Increased Area of Effect (Concentrated Effect for boss)
-Elemental Focus Support

You want to drop Crit Strikes if you're running with a 5L


-Shield Charge
-Faster Attacks
-Fortify Support


-Cast When Damage Taken Support
-Immortal Call
-Increased Duration Support
-Vaal Haste


-Warlord's Mark
-Blasphemy Support
-Flame Dash


-Vaal Lightning Trap
-Increased Duration Support
-Vaal Clarity

5) Leveling
Level with Firestorm + Flame Totem until you feel comfortable with playing Blade Vortex (i switched at level 55 more or less)

There you go !
It's my first guide so let me know if there is something missing or something bad.
Good hunting exiles
Last bumped on Jan 20, 2018, 5:18:54 PM
Nice build buddy , looks pretty good , gonna try it , can you add some videos ?

thanks !
Awesome build, i use almost the same version.
Using BV already on my lv 42 inquisitor. i struggle a bit with dex but with Alacrity in couple of levels that problem is gone.
Just wanted to ask your Ascendancy points - what would you pick first ? Guess you go for Inevitable Judgement asap ?!
Go for Inevitable Judgement , then Instruments of Virtue and Augury of Penitence
will this work with lightning strike instead of blade vortex?
msumma860 wrote:
will this work with lightning strike instead of blade vortex?

Nope since BV is considered as a spell
what flask do you use ?
Vritomos wrote:
what flask do you use ?

Not optimum but still a nice setup, in the end you want :

Seething Divine Life Flask of Heat
Chemist’s Diamond Flask of Staunching
Taste of Hate
Atziri’s Promise
Chemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
How do you manage mana?
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff

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