[3.0] 100% Ele Conversion BV Inquisitor - Life Based - Cheap

Completed 15 ChallengesEtherfire wrote:
How do you manage mana?

Warlords give you mana leech

Man, can you please help me? I've made this post, didn't saw that you've been doing the ele conversion BV Inqui.
I'm limited with equipment, but somehow i'm lacking damage, can't clear some tier 4 maps. T_T Sad.

Can you take a peak and give me some tips? I'm noob in this game.
I'm playing the same build and I fooled around in the tree a lot. I landed on a few things that might help you and anyone else looking for help.

Mana regen on gear, low level clarity, mana regen jewel, aura res near vaal pact, mana res/curse jewel all are very helpful.

Reflect solved. A gear set or gearing you character's resists around an open ring slot so you can equip a
+ the reduced reflect dmg taken god power. I can do reflect maps with no problem.

This is all doable on a budget. If you look at my gear it's nothing special. 5k life pool only 86 atm in regular gear, 4.7k in reflect immune gear.

Also you'd highly benefit from swapping out for these links

I freeze/shock rares and even some bosses.

I've been testing a lot of uniques out. If any of it pans out I'll hit u up :)
IGN @ExileProz

beats the hell out of a regular movespeed flask too. Shield charge speed goes up 40%(20 from movespeed 20 from attack speed) and we get cast speed.
IGN @ExileProz
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hey did you know that Arcane Surge can't proc if you're under Vaal Clarity ? That's kinda bad...

And omg dex requierments is a pain in the b...

What do you tbink about get ride of Elemental Focus and swap to Added Fire ?
Mana leeach on jewls ?

Is Wise Oak something to think about ?
For jewlery Opal ring or diamond ring ?

Thanks for the work =)
i play a very similar build to this, it's very strong without a doubt.

carcass jack is a good all around armour, the increased area is very noticable and nice to have. for pure damage, however, incandescent heart is clearly superior - you'll have to gear a little different though (mainly try to get some chaos res)...

i struggle quite a bit with reflect even though i have yugul's pantheon active. i even specced into the "ash, frost and storm" cluster for the 10% reduced ele reflect, but i don't feel it made a significant difference to be honest. sibyl's ring might be a solution, but it feels like such a waste considering all the other stats on it are completely useless.
i mainly approach the issue by having atziri's promise up all the time, especially in harbinger packs, beyond maps and breaches, where ele reflect mobs spawn out of nowhere. i also try to fight high health ele reflect mobs with only a few blades up.
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Ive been looking through a few builds, but does anyone shock or freeze enough to use berek's grip instead of warlords? I assume it would be useless on bosses, but I think its worth a shot.

I'm on a little less of a budget as of now, but I'm debating trying a few things (doryani's catalyst/mind of the council/berek's grip, etc)
nice build. What about jewels?
Playing BV too, but with a bit of MoM. 85 lvl
https://pastebin.com/2faZ2pEv - PoB code
Feels....not bad,maybe. like
And btw - dont know should i buy doriany for 2+exalts(!!) just for leech...cause mine weapon got close stats (crit/spell dmg),so is it real worth.... PoB shows that it will give me just 2% dps. lol :D
So,main reason is lifeleech...idk.

But anyway. Swapped to BV from new Storm burst,and comparing to it - BV is cool and strong :D
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do you think this build can manage to kill the guardians and shaper?

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