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I haven't had a ton of time to play but level 78 and running T4-6 without problems. No degen at all and with Clarity activated life gets even easier. ~5200 life and 2k mana.

Shield charge into packs and white mobs melt almost instantly. Rares will die in a second or two as long as you hit them with shield charge. Just keep moving. In Abysses I shield charge straight to the next hole in the ground and drop an orb of storms, then pop flasks and scorching ray almost instagibs the rares as they jump out.

I haven't spent more than 4-5 chaos and I intend to keep it that way. Around level 85 or so I'll just blow the currency I've found on a new character.
You really could have used more pictures to show specific items and gems. It's hard for newer players, like myself, to understand your acronyms, and lingo. And tabbing over to search for "worm" in poe.trade is kind of annoying. Take the time to make your guide presentable next time, please.

I want to start playing POE again, i have a lv90 inquisitor that was a RF character on 2.6.
Its resetted now and i`m really lost about skill tree.

Do you mind reviewing my gear to see if it`s viable for your build?


Thanks in advance!

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