Arcane Surge

Pumchhy wrote:
Arcane surge is not working after aura rework,It increases the linked aura mana reserve.But when Linked aura spend required mana for Arcane surge to be activated,its not working like it should be.Is it known issue by staff?
This is correct. Reserving mana no longer spends it, so this cannot cause you to gain arcane surge as no mana is spent.

However, all skills have a cost, and there are modifiers that can raise the mana cost of auras above zero, which would mean they would spend mana and thus you could gain the buff.
The latest changes just pigeon holed this gem and archmage into Hierophant. Is this seriously the newest post after 2 years?
Berek's Grip Ice Spear
Budget Magicfind and/or Hardcore Flame Totem
The damage buff could use an increase at lvl 20 to make it closer to the damage increase of the two damage buffs pre-patch.

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