Arcane Surge

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Levle 78 Berserker build is really irrelevant since I use this as a support.
I really like the idea of leveling gems just to get their mana cost higher so that arcane surge procs more often. I think this is a really elegantly designed gem.

I use it with Flame Dash, Increased Duration, and Faster Casting it takes 2 casts to proc.

This might be my favorite designed gem in a long time. It has clear advantages to being leveled up in the more spell damage and disadvantages in extra casts required of the skill.
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This gem doesnt work when character use Eldritch Battery which used ES instead mana. How disappointed !
A min-maxed Lightning Warp with Arcane Surge is the most anti-synergy combo in this game because all of the reduced and less duration applies to arcane surge, even the 40% from the LW, and 30% from LW enchant, which results in a 0.1 second Arcane Surge buff!

I'm playing with Whispering Ice, so I got enough space in my chest for a secondary skill setup, and since staff holding casters don't have many options for fast movement skills, I thought I will use LW, because I also have a helmet with LW enchant, perfect! First I thought Arcane Surge will synergise well with it, socketed in, tried it, no buff, tried it again, the icon barely appeared.

I'm already at an inferior choice on sustained dps by not picking duration nodes on tree, so my LW can stay fast, but another kick in the nuts is not being able to utilize Arcane Surge on it.

Arcane Surge is designed to be a support on secondary skill setups for casters, and should be a viable option at least on the one primary spell-based movement skill (F. Dash is not really primary because of the cooldown, it's rather a gap bridge skill paired with other movement skills or quicksilvers)
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If a question is allowed before feedback:
Can the buff stack?
Or is it only ever active once? Assuming a build with very high cast speed/mana cost.
I've long wanted to try and build something that is based around high unreserved mana, and I feel it could finally be valuable in some way.
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Isn't a "no" better than an ignore?
Buffs are non-stacking unless explicitly stated otherwise, so, no stacking for ASurge.
Seem it also does not work if spell is linked to a spell totem.
Is there any good reason this can't be made to work with eb+mom? I'm playing soul tether mjolner and I could really use the damage :(
Asheren wrote:
Seem it also does not work if spell is linked to a spell totem.

Correct. Placing a Totem is not considered Casting a Spell: when you place the Totem, you are not spending Mana to cast the Spell.

heopin wrote:
Is there any good reason this can't be made to work with eb+mom? I'm playing soul tether mjolner and I could really use the damage :(

It could be made to work with anything. They quite clearly don't want it to work with ES expenditure. It's a buff to Mana-based hardcasting specifically.
Also a mjolner discharge character (lvl 95 Juggernaut) having a lot of fun. Using molten strike to trigger ball lighning to generate charges for discharge. Was wondering if this support could be linked to my attack for surge to benefit my lackluster triggered spells. Don't see why it should only be triggered off spells vs movement skills or in my case an attack. Makes for more diverse use of the gem IMHO.
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