Charged Dash

Charged Dash + Cast While Channeling + Spark + Greater Multiple Projectiles = You're now Innocence.
I tried charged dash out with my old lightning strike build. It was pretty awesome against merc Izaro and mobs. I just basically kept slamming him and I don't think I lost any health b/c of the fact that I blow past him dealing crazy damage.
Charged Dash just doesn't work as a melee skill. It has low base damage and from what I've tested IG the only way to get the more damage bonus is to use max range dash, which means very little overlapping and shitty single target. Movement speed actually makes the skill even worse since the explosions will be so far appart you won't get any overlap the moment you have a quicksilver flask activated. Once the dash has reached its maximum distance, you don't get any benefit for channeling it, when blade flurry keeps damaging ennemies for exemple.

To make it useable, this skill needs some more radius on a high level gem, its more damage component needs some kind of linear scaling with the distance travelled, and it needs to keep stacking attacks once the maximum distance has been reached, so the number of attacks represents the actual time spent channeling, not some kind of weird MS/AS ratio. Even if it requires some tuning (maybe lowering the more damage bonus, having a maximum number of attacks per channel), it would make the skill much more pleasant to play with.
I used Faster attacks gem with it and now, when i dropped it, No differences..
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

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25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
Dropped my well-built Charged Dash char due to the constant channeling interruption in bad internet times. This would result a premature CD release which is annoying in most times and deadly if my char happened to charge inside a pack while I planned to charge ACROSS it, in several times.

p.s. Charged Dash is very unsuitable to use with Cast on Channeling since the 0.35s casting time requirement hurts its mobility badly.
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I've been messing around with charged dash and I've got it linked to fortify, curse on hit and warlord's mark. I just swapped over from shield charge. My shield charge always applied both fort and warlord 100% of the time. I have 80% accuracy on both not sure if its important but I assume it would be. So the question is this, why is charged dash so bad at applying fort and warlord? i swear like half the time it barely procs and it only applies to what's directly in front of it. Isn't the attack supposed to be made up of three AOE attacks? shouldn't all of those be applying fort and warlords?
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Single DPS is lacking when used appropriately - full charge and let go. However, spamming the shortest channel possible on top of your target is pretty good... but feels awkward. I'm not charged dashing anymore.

Maybe make Charged Dash channel a medium radius frontal cone of shocking aoe that accumulates stacks(using the new shock stack system)?

This could make it so the 1 or two single target hits that land hit harder and are more valuable than just mindlessly spamming short bursts. Could be interesting defensively too. Imagine juking the boss and taking no damage or minimal hits.

And, maybe the shock defense pen can accumulate like compound interest, so as to benefit controlled, tanky and hard hitting dash characters that charge for longer (lower ms). I think I'm on to something here.

Wonder what the Forum thinks?

I imagine someone like Mathil or Raiz outskilling shaper and filming a sick dissection of the fight.
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It's better than Flame Dash even on a +100% cast speed character
It's a green gem that require no links to be useful.
Awesome high quality visual effect
Movement speed bonus is not noticeable.
It's not a main movement skill by design, if a character has enough movement speed to make CD pleasant to use — always better to just run.
Interaction with a terrain objects sometimes unpredictable, the skill animation shows that it "can't cross the gap" but once channeling stopped - character teleports to desired destination.
Disappointed, I expected the skill to be much faster.
The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
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very clunky skill.

You should be able to change direction once channeling. Right now if I want to change directin because of danger I can t.

Blade flurry is WAY better that way and sadly Charge dash is the only channeling skill working with 2h.

Very frustrating being stuck in one direction with 2h while all the other channeling skills can turn freely without interrupting.

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Maybe I'll head to GGG office and waste their time. Only the very, very dedicated employees will enjoy getting past the "annoying guy blocking the door". The rest can enjoy viewing the office from the dedicated employees stream
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I tried using this with CwC firestorm and it was kind of nice. Tempted to try this with Whispering Ice.
Most annoying thing was that firestorm couldn't be re-aimed during the channel.
Ending animation after releasing channel is also a bit annoying for casters as they don't have much attack speed to speed it up. Atleast quality gives attack speed so that helps a little.
Playstyle felt fun and could be useful for dodging boss attacks. Would be even better if the dash could be aimed while channeling (guessing that it can't because distance is decided during channel and it might end up inside a wall unless collision check on release is added).
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