[3.4] Shams Juggernaut 2h Mace Sunder , Uber Lab / Guardians - League Starter

juicedrop wrote:
Hi Sham

I liked the look of your build because it is very straight forward and doesn't rely on Uniques - I am playing self-found in Delve. So far I am at level 82 and doing level 8 maps - no real difficulty with general play yet. Almost all my deaths are from darkness damage in the mines

I crafted a 350pdps coronal mace, and only have 4L on the weapon and chest, so there is a lot more improvement to come

Enlighten is also not an option for the first few weeks of self-found so I am missing an aura

Atziri was very disappointing. The vaal queen just spammed flame blast and I lost 6 lives on the fight getting nowhere. Do you have any advice? or is it just not possible until over-gearing


-Be sure to get 2 ruby flasks
-Get more life gear, atziri does only a small part phys dps.
-And Ofcourse don't stand in the flame blasts.
-Btw try to farm the warlord card

Hi Sham

I'm wondering on at what level should I leave my cast when damage taken support gem for them to be at their most effective?
Rocked this a bit towards the end of Delve and got to 87, and plan to start Betrayal with it. Really appreciate the time putting this guide all together, very fun and strong.
Hi Sham. Thx for the build. I was playing the same build from the beginning (began with GS, than switched to sunder). Got up to pretty high DPS but my survivability wasnt at point so i was not able to level above 93 for a long time. Because od that i switched to your build. Lost a lot of DPS but survivabilty went up. Still i feel like im far from you in terms of survivabilty. Can u look at my build and tell me what is wrong?

is it gems configuration? I made it a little different. If id follow your gem config correctly id have to drop on gem from Ancestral Warchief. Which one should it be?

or is it sthing else? Would rly appreciate your help.
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