3.0 Cold Pen Glacial Cascade Mines

Completed 40 Challengeskan3 wrote:
Can someone please give suggestions / advice on my gear, I keep dying in higher tier maps.

Thank you very much.

Your gear does not take advantage of Mind over Mana. You have only 1 item with +max mana. You need to stack the crap out of +health and +mana. MoM converts 30% of your mana pool to life. Huge increase especially when the extra mana helps the spell cost of mines. Get your mana up and you should see an increase in survive ability.
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Completed 14 Challengesxpoo wrote:
Ascendancy order anyone?

Order is: Mine line, penetration 2 points and then blind from uber lab

U can see all details in ZiggyDs video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2eFEalqgY0 (he posted it in commentary)
Completed 15 ChallengesSayerp wrote:
here is my progress in HC harbinger


comfortably and quickly clearing up to T7, 5.2k EHP with 1k from MoM + Acro/Phase. Shield Charge feels really great with this build too, you just charge > drop mines> charge > Drop mines > detonate and blow up the whole screen with pack oneshots... my damage is absurd after 5-linking and grabbing an essence worm. and then pop Spell Totem + Vaal Grace and dps down single target, it's really wonderful. breaches are the best with this build and the autoaiming spell totem glaciers lmao

Have you completed merciless labs? Clearing up to the boss is easy but the boss itself is able to 2-3 shot me. Maybe I'm not kiting well enough? This is my first real character so I'm not sure if this normally happens or if there's something wrong with my character.

Yeah I did it last night, it was no problem. I think getting 2-3 shot by Merc Izaro is not too concerning, that is probably par for the course for many spellcasters.

For everyone asking about survivability, you have to bear in mind that GC mines absolutely does not lack damage even when running an ultra-defensive spec without a Tremor Rod. The damage from your gems and skilltree nodes will carry you sooo far. I cruised to yellow maps on a 4-link, noncrit, with a scepter/shield-- it was only around Tier 6 maps that my damage started to feel SLIGHTLY sluggish, but even then it was better than most builds I've played in HC at this level.

As far as I can tell, you don't need crit, hatred, tremor rod, or any of that DPS-oriented stuff until much later (yellow-red maps). So if you are having trouble staying alive, I would recommend the following:

-swap Hatred for Blasphemy-Temp Chains

-consider grabbing Acrobatics/Phase Acro (only if you are already evasion-based)

-get more mana nodes from the tree for your MoM, should always be running about ~35% of your life total in unreserved mana

-get a shield

-get a scepter/dagger for shield charge/whirling blades + fortify

-pimp out your CWDT setup (CWDT lv. 1 + detonate mines is a m a z i n g)

-get as many life nodes as you can feasibly reach from the tree (you can look at my tree by going to my profile and looking at "Klaptor"

-get as much Life as you can on every piece of gear, it is your most important stat. My tree has 200% increased life from nodes

Thanks for the tips! Changed my build to look more like yours and it definitely helped. Getting use to playing without the double detonate from Tremor takes some getting use to, however, not getting one shot makes playing much more enjoyable for me. The mobility and tankiness you gain with Shield charge and Fortify is amazing too. I just spec'd into Acrobatics so I'll see how that turns out.

I'd recommend people having trouble with surviving to give his advice a try.
Completed 34 ChallengesHahsodi wrote:
Completed 14 Challengesxpoo wrote:
Ascendancy order anyone?

Order is: Mine line, penetration 2 points and then blind from uber lab

U can see all details in ZiggyDs video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2eFEalqgY0 (he posted it in commentary)

I saw but he was using other names then like the names in the tree.

So: Bomb Specialist - Explosives Expert - Blinding Assault?
Can someone take a look at my character as well? Link below, character name is SwiftWinter in harbringer league.


I have been dying alot in any map that isnt a t5; should I just go for the scion life wheel? I really like tremor rod so I would like to keep using it if possible, but if that is the main way to get more tanky than I will drop it. Do you guys have any suggestions to help me stop dying? I also dont have the uber lab points yet for the blind; is the blind really helpful for surviviablity?
I don't use Tremor Rod, it pretty much halves your damage so you have to double tap vs single. Waiting to get uber lab unlocked, I can solo merc with ease. Here is my damage with traps out and flasks. Normal damage without any buffs/traps is 23.5k tooltip.

Can you link your current set up? Really curious to see how you built your character so successfully.
Hello so far i cleared uber lab most t9 maps and 1 t10, the only one i actually went in. I see no trouble clearing the rest of t10 and possibly up to t 12 ez ez.
I'm still on a 4L tremor rod. Gc has a 10.6k paper damage. Setup is like ziggyD beside adding faster casting to totem.
Sitting at about 4.6k life 2.1k mana.
The build is however squishy as squish. It's all about damage if you don't kill things fast you'll die regardless of defensive gear. That's why i'm wandering about switching to a build that's proven to clear everything. I'd have loved to see ziggyd update a more budget heavy version of this build that could kill shaper and uber atziri.
Hell if you're not careful you even die on normal atziri :D :D
I'll try and see if i can reach 5.5k life and 3k mana without losing much dps.
I see that ziggyD runs Armor/es on hat and gloves and Ev/es on chest and boots. I wonder if armor/es is better on everything. i'll probably 5l my tremor and see if farming lab is 100% faceroll ie drop totem and izaro dies.
Anyone had experience with this build in the very end game?
Tbh guys im starting to think that tremor rod isn't super worth it; with a specter you can run shield charge as someone mentioned previously which will help with clear speed, and you can run a fortify with that as well. I'll keep playing with my tremor rod setup for now (I have it 5 linked) but I think I will end up switching to a spectre+sheild once I get to some higher tier maps.

So with that said, what kinda stuff should I look for on a spectre that will give the most dps to glacial cascade?
I tried dropping tremor rod and replaced it with a Breath of the Council, and moved my GC gems to my Carcass jack. Unfortunately i found that while the DPS was listed much higher. For single target damage + Spell Totem (Mine Detonation) + Clarity. It doesn't hold a candle to tremor rod. The thing is Tremor rod is only a minus 35% mine damage, however you gain the remote mine support skill, AND can detonate twice.

Realistically i have just kind of given up, i can do t13 ish, but most of the higher level bosses are a death sentence. Also GC lacks range, which for some bosses is annoying. MoM helps a lot but, i feel the actual problem with this build is single target DPS, which unfortunately i don't see a real solution to.

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