[3.1] The Blinding Blizzard - Whispering Ice Berserker - Viable for Most Everything

Trees updated to the GGG links.
where the heck do you get CwC nowaday? Killed Malachai and no quest regard nor can I buy it in the library...
Kelvynn wrote:
Rijken wrote:
Just an fyi, in terms of gem links, CD > FP for total dps(even Shaper).

No, FP >>> CD. I'll fill the Build Theory section later, but you can always read that section of the old CI version. Resist penetration is a huge MORE modifier against bosses. You will really need it, much more than CD.

Path of Building shows that controlled destruction does more dps against normal mobs, bosses and shaper than fire penetration does.
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Wouldn't it be possible to put a life leech gem in the staff and play it with other classes?
Why Shaper with Vaal Pact?
Why Shaper with Vaal Pact?
Very cool build, thanks for the work :)

I'm fairly new to the game and have a question:
I'm lvl 33 and have huge problems with the normal lab. Have you guys some helpful tips how i could beat him? I have linked my sunder with faster attacks and i'm using arctic armor and herald of ash. my gear is mostly around lvl 25 - 30. I have a mace in the main hand and a claw in the off hand.
can you run this build as Scion? marauder is so fking ugly :p

its my favorite build by far, but i cant stand the shity marauder.. Scion on the other hand.. so good :p
well if it cant be done as Scion i will stick to marauder cause as i said its my favorite build.

EDIT: made some tests in path of building Scion loses in everything ofc 2k dmg more and less plus the huge amount of leach after savage hit..
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Can someone tell me why Scorching Ray needs to be at level 1?
which Golem???

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