Path of Exile 3.0.0: The Fall of Oriath Patch Notes

Leo's crafted mod now reduces the damage over time taken by 5%, down from 20%.


RoF is absolutly useless shield, only think it has is max fire res ... and now im forced to use it over well roled rare becouse of you ... why ? "cry"

REMAKE RoF so its at least usable shield like the cold max res one
some stats, defenses, higher res, away with that low life bullshit ... oh im so sad .. :(

but you know what ? F this ... im gona use rare anyway ... better to use 20% life regen for RF than touching that useless crap ... thx for ruining it ... bye
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So, GGG, please please tell me how you guys think it is good for the game that ALL character builds need every life node they can get PLUS life on every item to have the 4k+ HP pool required to do endgame content?

How is it a good design decision to make gear nonviable if it has no added life?

How was it a good design decision to tripple nerf ES which was only a symptom of the problem above?

From what I see it is idiotic. Needing SOME added life should be a part of any build (going no life with other mitigation should be a build option that is tricky rather than completely nonviable). You guys added in unique items for some flavour, but how do you guys feel about the ones with no added life? They may have seen play in ES builds, but probably won't see the light of day anymore.

So many builds, regardless of class, have to race to the Scion life wheel ON TOP of taking high life rolls on every piece of gear. How does that allow for creative and dynamic character designs?

These questions aren't rhetorical; I would definitely love to hear an answer and learn what piece of information or nuance I am missing.

I am only playing because of the new content, so I will give the new patch a honest try. However if it weren't for the new content, I would have been long gone already, deeply regretting the money I spent on this game.
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duplcate post due to forum server error..
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duplcate post due to forum server error..
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What is this?

Bex_GGG wrote:
Path of Exile 3.0.0 - The Fall of Oriath

Major New Content and Features:
  • Added a Passive Skill Tree planning system.

Your source for quality honest reviews to save you time and money!
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ayy guys, can somebody link all new unique items?
Where is the spectre store?
3.0 made it basicly impossible to reach maps on hardcore.

The bosses in act 5-10 are wayyyyyyyyyy overpowered and overtuned with loads of one shot mechanics.

3.0 must have seen a massive dropoff in players that get anywhere. Show us some numbers. How many people have completed the game on hardcore. How many people reached the mapping phase? How many are stuck at lvl 50 in act 5?

The most retarted thing of all is the fact that these act 5 - act 10 bosses are 10 times harder than the low tier map bosses that are 20 levels higher.

Most people will likely never see maps again

3.0 the fall of the core game
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very scary new abilities these harbingers have, one of them is a beam that makes my game stop responding when it touches me.
Since the 3.0.1 release I've been getting about 30-40 unexpected errors related to what seems to be missing files upon closing the game.

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