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Helmet needs to get a much higher bonus or lower dex requirement to even be considered :/

1k Rampage (gloves/biscos leash/dancing dervish etc etc) => 200% minion dmg + 100% movement speed (for you & minions).

1k str (baron) => 200% minion dmg as well as extra life for YOU AND your minions.

1k dexterity (new helm) => 40% atk & movement speed for minions.
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GGG, Tinkerskin won't work well for the same reason blast cascade has a problem. Traps builds universally use either Chain Reaction or Sunblast. In the first case, only 1 trap is ever "triggered by an enemy", and in the latter case no traps are ever triggered by enemies.

This has been a massive problem with traps for a long time keeping blast cascade from living up to its potential, and further demonstrating the problems with the Saboteur ascendancy. Unless there's some serious work happening with internal system checks coming in 3.0, this is going to prove a fatal flaw for this item and lead to it being mediocre at best(although it may still see use because at least it's "something").
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I hope we get some early and mid game uniques but those look nice!
thanks for the heads up, updated my loot filter to hide these trash items
The Baron, introduced in the Legacy League, proved to be a very popular helmet for minion builds,

No it wasn't what are you talking about shh don't tell anyone
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I like Tinkerskin a lot, will definitely try it out with the trap build i have planned. Just hope saboteur gets some buff, otherwise there's really no reason to use it when assassin exist.
You just wasted 3 seconds reading this.
Traps but not mines on tnkerskin?
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40% reduced attack speed
works particularly well with Cyclone

ahahaha oh myyyy
Glacial Hammer now has 3-5% Chance to Poison on the character select screen.
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JohnNamikaze wrote:
Tinkerskin looks like a nice trap chest armor and lol at Ahn's might for movement attack skills.

You've read it wrong, >>>>>>IT SAYS REDUCED ATTACK SPEED<<<<<<<< on movement skills.


It's beyond vendor trash, congratulations on GGG for making unique items no one will ever use/pay more than 1 alch for. SIGH And if you are smart, not even pick it up, might as well remove it with loot filter.

with a freaking 200 str requirement, it should've been like this, let me fix it: 20% MORE attack speed on movement skills.
Buff life on the right side of the tree! Just a little! Pretty Please!
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