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better fuckin change those frenzy charges of thinkerskin to power charges :P
or leave the charges how they are maby?
"minion hits can only kill ignited enemies" may do some interesting synergy with cast on melee kill.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Tinkerskin looks really interesting... BUT...

1)The frenzy charges are useless unless it also modifies how frenzy charges affect traps

2)Need to test or get clarification on the "when trap is triggered by an enemy". Will the unique belt or the sabatour ascendancy triggering the traps trigger these abilities?

Hmm, im a bit confused by the Helm. I see no use for the other uniques for me.

1. Why is the helm not an evasion base?

2. I dont know any evasion summoners, maybe its fun with an Iron Commander build with +1000 Dex. Maybe spectres with +400% move and attack speed are worth it. But they will die a lot, because youre on the Dex side of the tree and you dont get much minion life. What other build stacks Dex?
There were many complaints about Tinkerskin already, but I feel like as a life long trapper since the dawn times of PoE I should give my critic and suggestion to better it, too.

Evasion/ES and Life are all good. Considering that GGG only shows one random drop of those uniques, I cannot judge the health proberly yet. Even if it is lower than Carcass, the extra ES is maybe going to even it out.

The increased recharge for Traps is... hard to judge. It really depends on how many traps you use and if they are connected to the Trap Support gem or not. On my Tri-Element Trapper build, I have three traps, only one of which is connected to Trap Support, and through increased recharge through skills I rarely run into void phases during which I can't throw traps. Maybe the little increase might plug that hole, but I doubt it will be much help. If this would've been Increased Trap Damage instead, I would've considered this chest better for Trappers without a doubt. Alas, it is not.

Gaining Frenzy Charges is not that good for Trappers. Frenzy Charges increase your Attack Speed, Casting Speed and Damage by 4 per charge. Right of the bat, only one of those a Trapper pulls any benefit from. Most at least take two from it. It's better than nothing, I suppose, and it is only 8% away from the bonus of Carcass Jack, buuuut we talk about a source of Damage that is not always there, never at the start of combat. If this would've been Endurance charges, I would've given this Armor the thumbs up, because it is always difficult to get physical resistance as a Trapper. From experience with Blast Cascade, I can say 15% is more than enough to keep Charges up, even with Sunblast or Chain Reaction, unless you get unlucky, of course.

Having Phasing is cute, I suppose, but will it hardly ever grant any benefits as a Trapper. It does exactly what is said it does, only that that is not neccessary at all. As a proper Trapper, you throw traps at enemies from afar and never get surrounded or approached first. Might be fun to out-aggro some bosses, and 40% chances makes sure that you are phased at all times. Better than nothing, I suppose. Would've appreciate more Trap Damage or a different defensive efffect, instead.

The Life and ES gain per Trap triggered by Enemies is subpar. Main reason for that is that, indeed, most trappers, and I feel confident enough to say all Elemental Trappers, either use Sunblast or Chain Reaction from the Saboteur. Problem here is that Traps triggered by either are not considered triggered by an Enemy, and thus offer no benefits from most effects of Tinkerskin. I already read from the designer of the Armor that he intended this to be per trap triggered, not just by enemies, which would make this effect possibly worthwhile. Otherwise, the 100 life and 50 ES are too low.

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