Upcoming Unique Items

tinkerskin 3d art plz ggg
Soul Tether and Tinkerskin look amazing. Wish you guys could reveal a new bow, but that's fine, I can wait some weeks :P
oh oh oh that trap armor is making me wet
bruh i can't tell which type of busted that belt is.
gimme money bitch
I'm not sure that blade is any good for cyclone. Seems to be the exact opposite of good for cyclone
I still haven't done a single trap character, but Tinkerskin might change that.
So, if i have 2 pacifism and that unique sword, will i have 50% multiplier AND 15% AoE? Seems balanced man
How the hell is Ahn's Might good for *anything*? It's a solid dps sword but you lose speed on Whirling Blades or Leap Slam, and the bonus for max charges is meaningless because you're not playing a crit build with 5 base unless you're an assassin. And, as we know, Assassins are basically fucked because they only have two good nodes now.

Who the *hell* is this for??

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