Last week, Chris, Jonathan and Nick attended the E3 expo in Los Angeles to showcase our upcoming The Fall of Oriath expansion and the Xbox One version of Path of Exile. Today's news includes some insights into the team's experiences there and some coverage of The Fall of Oriath from news sites.

Hey guys, Chris here! We had a crazy week at E3 showing The Fall of Oriath and our Xbox One version to dozens of members of the press and thousands of gamers. In addition to our own private meeting room at E3 (for journalist appointments), we were lucky enough to have a stand at the Microsoft booth with four Xbox One X consoles to show Path of Exile off at 4k/60fps. I'd like to also thank all the community members who came up to chat and check out the latest version of the game. It was great to meet you all.

Check out some of the game coverage from journalists below. We're expecting plenty more to be posted this week as people return from E3:
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Awesome news, can't wait to try the console version.
Chris Wilson: "Today was the proudest day of my life."

We Xbox now.
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must and will be removed (✿ =‿‿=)
Natalia, will you update this post when there's new post from other game journalist? Thanks!

**Edit1:** When PS4? =P
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great now fix beta mtx system
I hoped I see "Path of Exile at gamescom"
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Well Done GGG,

Now back to work on The Fall of Oriath. LOL

Great Game guys for a great team.
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Happy Hunting Exiles.

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