New Support Gems Coming to The Fall of Oriath Beta

"Tomorrow we'll release our first Beta report that discusses how things have been going so far, and what to expect in future."

lol we released half baked content that was deliberately difficult to start mapping with so you cannot test es/life nerfs. don't worry it will be tested in beta!

how many players over level 80 with more than 5k es?
now, we only use support gems cuz those are looks really good
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My wife's son will love this one.
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these are nice additions. it's gonna be good to leave out some gems in my builds that i've been using for years. a fresh change of pace me thinks. well done devs :)
maybe too many "more" modifiers on the support gems? love the beta so far btw!
Even more build options. Can't wait to try them out :-)
Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
Here's the datamined picture to show what the gems 'should' do when they scale. Kind of important seeing how we got a bunch of lvl 1 gems that either have combined Quality/Base stats or have a 0% multiplier at lvl 1.

Kind of silly not to show lvl 20 gems with things that have effects like Ignite Proliferation Support which seem very hollow at first glance.

Some may have changed slightly(most of the generic 0.5% increased fire dmg quality got revamped) and the gems on the right may never be released so take this image with a grain of salt til we have full values. Oh and the Lesser Mana Reduction is not on this list of 11 being released.


* Chance to Bleed Support only works with Weapons now (RIP facebreaker bleed builds)

* Immolate Support now applies the damage to spells as well as attacks.

Will update with other major changes if we find them.
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Okay, so...can someone tell me if all of this will work together:

Bow: Voltaxic Rift


Barrage - Added Chaos - Void Manipulation - WED - Ele Focus - Vile Toxins

Ascendancy: Pathfinder or Raider (with Snakebites).

Will all of those links affect poison scaling in some fashion?
What does "Unbound ailment" do ? What does effect even means to damage ailments ? What it means for shock / freeze ? PLEASE

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