New Support Gems Coming to The Fall of Oriath Beta

That's quite iMpressive !
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I wish the beta key distribution was weighted more. 479$ spent and still no key! :(
Vile Toxins: I'm glad to see this; I had been concerned about Essence Drain / Contagion builds with the DoT rework. They're too strong currently, but I enjoy them and hope they'll still be decent.

Deadly Ailments: Looking forward to going ham with this in an Ignite-centric build.

Lesser Poison: Poison is fine as a support skill. Not sure there's enough design space for two.

Ignite Proliferation: I predict a nerf.

Efficacy: The numbers go up. I understand the idea behind it, but it's boring. :/

Immolate: This is my favourite! Great design. It makes you care about ignites in a build where they deal insignificant damage. Any excuse to see everything on fire is fine by me. More interesting than Efficacy - though then again, so is standing in a queue for five hours.

Brutality: Cut this. Buff Melee Physical Damage Support instead.

Maim: Looks solid.
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So Dominating blow mechanic aint being reworked as a Support gem

Lets see if it will be buffed as a skill
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
Efficacy is going to be wonderful for Scorching Ray.
Still waiting for the MTX system news or at least be able to use our MTX in beta.

This is great too :D
Nice. Dex support is good.

So, facebreakers.
Very nice!

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