Spelling mistakes and typos

Vaal Rain of Arrows: Second "Multiple" is "Mutliple"
On the official GGG trade site, the helmet Enchant mod for Reduced Projectile Speed for Ball Lightning actually says Increased. Searching for a helmet using that filter will still correctly yield items with the Reduced Projectile Speed.

Alva wrote:
Why would you want this exile?!

This exile?
A comma is missing.
"We prefer to leave up to the community to work out mechanics such as these" -GGG Support

"Muted 48 hours for spamming chat." -Nicholas_GGG (Dev)

This forum is useless for bug reporting if you're not a popular streamer or if it's not about MTX.
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There's typo in itemname of map.
It says: Haunted Sepulcher, Sepulchre Map.

In the whole game the word endings use '*re' form (Sceptre, Centre, Spectre, etc).
And in the randomized part of name is used '*er' ending.

Personally i like '*er' endings, but there's your preferences.

Bug report reference: 2 483 520 060
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Eenergy shield gained on hit
~ Jufda

im not sure whether that should be "now" or if that is correct. if it's correct, it sounds weird.
seretrime wrote:

im not sure whether that should be "now" or if that is correct. if it's correct, it sounds weird.

It's correct. Normally, support gems linked to a minion skill will affect both the minion summoning skill, as well as any applicable skills of the minion. Ancestral Call is an exception: If you link it to an attack minion skill (such as Dominating Blow), it will only affect the minion summoning skill itself, and not any skills the minion uses.

"Does not affect skills used by minions" might be a less awkward way of phrasing it.
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Shop Item and Inventory Item are not consistency

Shop Item VS. Inventory Item (BaseItemTypes)


'Archon Determination'=>'Archon Determination Effect',
'Arctic Ice Golem'=>'Arctic Ice Golem Skin',
'Arctic Skull Hatred'=>'Arctic Skull Hatred Effect',
'Arcane Tome Totem'=>'Arcane Tome Totem Skin',
'Bleached Demon King Body'=>'Bleached Demon King Body Armour',
'Blood Worm Pet'=>'Bloodworm Pet',
'Brilliant Crown'=>'Brilliant Crown Effect',
'Carnage Vitality'=>'Carnage Vitality Effect',
'Corrupted Skull Helmet'=>'Corrupted Skull',
'Cow Skull Helmet'=>'Cow Skull',
'Demon Hand Cleave'=>'Demon Hand Cleave Effect',
'Discipline Force Field Effect'=>'Discipline Forcefield Effect',
'Divine Ball Lightning'=>'Divine Ball Lightning Effect',
'Divine Skull Helmet'=>'Divine Skull',
'Emerald Rain of Arrows'=>'Emerald Rain of Arrows Effect',
'Ebony Tornado Shot Effect'=>'Ebony Tornado Shot',
'Extra Gore Weapon Effect'=>'Extra Gore',
'Face Parasite Helmet Skin'=>'Face Parasite',
'Green Searing Bond'=>'Green Searing Bond Effect',
'Ghostflame Back Attachment'=>'Ghostflame Backpack',
'Ghostflame Herald of Ash Effect'=>'Ghostflame Herald of Ash',
'Ghostflame Flame Totem Effect'=>'Ghostflame Flame Totem',
'Golden Spectral Throw'=>'Golden Spectral Throw Effect',
'Gore Glacial Cascade'=>'Gore Glacial Cascade Effect',
'Hive Back Attachment'=>'Hive Backpack',
'Imp Haste'=>'Imp Haste Effect',
'Infernal Flame Golem'=>'Infernal Flame Golem Skin',
'Infernal Skull Anger'=>'Infernal Skull Anger Effect',
'Lightning Skull Wrath'=>'Lightning Skull Wrath Effect',
'Nursery Web Spider'=>'Nursery Web Spider Pet',
'Olmec Totem'=>'Olmec Totem Effect',
'Pure Light Body'=>'Pure Light Body Armour',
'Pure Light Footprints'=>'Pure Light Footprints Effect',
'Purple Necrotic Body'=>'Purple Necrotic Body Armour',
'Purple Arc Effect'=>'Purple Arc',
'Radiant Scorching Ray'=>'Radiant Scorching Ray Effect',
'Radiant Sword'=>'Radiant Blade',
'Raven Body Armour'=>'Raven Body',
'Reaper Spectral Throw'=>'Reaper Spectral Throw Effect',
'Rhoa Skull Helmet'=>'Rhoa Skull',
'Sabretooth Skull Helmet'=>'Sabretooth Skull',
'Seraph Spectral Throw'=>'Seraph Spectral Throw Effect',
'Soul Nexus Clarity'=>'Soul Nexus Clarity Effect',
'Stygian Raise Spectre Effect'=>'Stygian Raise Spectre',
'Tribal Storm Call'=>'Tribal Storm Call Effect',
'Trinity Purity of Elements'=>'Trinity Purity of Elements Effect',
'Verdant Footprints'=>'Verdant Footprints Effect',
'Ultimate Chaos Footprints'=>'Ultimate Chaos Footprints Effect',
'Ultimate Chaos Body'=>'Ultimate Chaos Body Armour',
'Summon Raging Bees Effect'=>'Swarming Bees Raging Spirit Effect',
'Pylon of Pain Totem'=>'Pylon of Pain Totem Skin',
'Stormcaller Lightning Golem'=>'Stormcaller Lightning Golem Skin',
Scourge Arrow:
"Release to fire this as a single piercing arrow, which drops a spore pod along it's path..."
Act 10, Lilly Roth lore about Kitava, she says "breathes" (correctly) but the text says "breaths".

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