New Microtransaction System, Super Stash Sale and Weekend Events!

This looks great!

Also, Hideout hype!
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
properly done, i'm impressed.

also gobal mmaster favour and a announcement of loading/saving hideout schemes? looks like i can finally invest some time into decorating my hideout.

in that regard it would be nice if the hideout stash had categories to find stuff easier.
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That feel when you hire a decent programmer.
Sarno wrote:
sarannah101 wrote:
How will this system deal with duplicates though?

Chris showed an example of this in the video.

The current plan appears to be that each thing you own one or more copies of is shown once. You can click on it to apply it to an item provided you have at least one copy of it not in use. Otherwise you can click on it and select a character to have the MTX taken from.

sarannah101 wrote:
Will there be a reclaim all mtx feature some day?

I feel like this would be a lot less useful now that you can move MTX around without relogging between characters. I no longer feel I need it, but I'm not opposed to it being added.

Thanks for the answers!
Still no new about converting 4 premium stash to a premium quad stash? Why should I buy more stash tab to not use the one I already paid for? Sigh, plus the fact that you guys refused to give back items I lose during crash -_-.
Amazing! Long-awaited, indeed. Just one more week. :)
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Lay your portal gem to rest, don't you die no more.

'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this league.
Try to make maps meet, you're a slave to the meta, then you leave.
Ty Chris, and cheers to all team members
Finally after so many years :)
Great! This is how it should have been from the beginning. ;)
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