Beta Events Schedule - Win Beta Keys and Microtransactions!

I was quite happy seeing the details of the race and chance to win free stuff.

But the moment I saw that majority if not all the new fun races like uber breach and monstrous treasure happening only on weekdays (for my time zone at Malaysia at least), meant that I would not be able to partake in any of it due to work and to make it worse, most of it happens at 1am...

I know that MY/SG/TH players are your minority but at least put some of this new races on the weekends so that we can make time to play it.

I really hope that you will relook into your schedule and make some adjustments/additions.

No doubt I will try my best still to join some of the races but I am mainly interested in the newer races.

[3.7]Chaos Agnostic - CRAZY Life & Mana Sustain!!!:

[S1E8]Hideout of the week, Mausoleum of Bones:
why always demigods? and not some alt art of other races..

Well, the only thing better than being a demigod is being a god and they don't have an mtx for that yet, so...:p
Holy shit guys, you've out done yourselves once again!
Sarno wrote:
YohSL wrote:
Wait..I .. I don't follow.
Do you have to win/rank highly in one of the races to gain a beta key? Or just participate?
I'm remarkably unclear on how beta keys factor into this.

Okay, so go here.

See the first event? There are 10 beta keys up for grabs. You must reach level 20 to have a chance of winning one.

I see, cheers.
The two week Mayhem Event looks cool, gonna be participating.
Just wish asynchronous racing was here already, so I could join all the Descent and Descent Champions races. But, oh well...
Balance is an illusion, exile.
50 x Ghostflame Footprints above level 20 <<< it's include lvl 20? or it have to be lvl21 or so?
Thank You! Been waiting for A headhunter race! Too bad my new to me cpu won't arrive for at least another week..
Makes me sad that all this cool things happen while I have classes :(
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
Too much Breach for my taste otherwise EXCELLENT!
I don't understand the purpose of "voided events" at this point

Standard is a permanent league that has been around 6 years.
It's already flooded with stuff.

Adding drops or characters from a two week event or some races isn't really going to make a difference (no matter how crazy the event is).

After all, Standard is about to be flooded with stuff after this league ends and this league has been crazy and has been going on for months.

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