Beta Events Schedule - Win Beta Keys and Microtransactions!

Ohhhhh nooooo!!!... I'm going to miss all Uber Breach races =(((

Btw, the Uber Breach or Beyond as a Master Sextant mode or some other mechanic that can occur on normal game... that would be awesome ! ^^
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There are not guaranteed mystery box like on other leagues? :(
Natalia is the new Bex <3

Btw did i miss that part or..
didnt they say we can get stuff while keep playing in legacy league?
all the events looks a seperate thing.
Just gotta stifle a big yawn on this. PvP and races... ugh. Glad there area a few out there that enjoy that type of content I guess. Despite my negativity, thanks for putting up some filler until expansion.
"events are voided."

yup not worth even logging in for these. just a big old waste of time!!!
Will the Grief events count for the cut-throat achievement ? Since it's not ecactly the same.
Holy f**king HYPE :D
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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Hello all
any info about eta new packs with beta keys?
So hyped for the new and longer races, can't wait!
my name is Kaguki. feels free to add me

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