Beta Events Schedule - Win Beta Keys and Microtransactions!

Boon_Is_Here wrote:
how will people playing xbox be given beta keys? or will there be no beta for xbox?

I've wondered this exact thing. Beta time is coming real quick and there has been zero mention of how this is going to work.
Peanutius wrote:
I'm playing through Steam. Am I still in the draw to win a beta key if I hit the level requirement in an event? I'm not even sure what email I would have registered

Most likely there is no e-mail address associated with your Path of Exile account.

I believe they both send an e-mail (if possible) and a PM through the website.
qu'attendez-vous pour mettre path of exile en français? depuis maintenant 6 ans!! les français sont méprisés autant que cela pour vous? Quand on vois qu'une traduction est maintenant en taiwan mais lol
when do we have the ability to apply for the 3.0.0 beta? dont think ive still seen any mention of it.
My first race ever, had fun, hit level 15, died once before, still enjoyed myself. thanks a ton GGG for the race :D
just did the first HH race got to lvl 14 trying to find class mystery box- for reaching lvl 10 any help?
yooooo WTF are SILVER WINGS ?
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just did the hh race and cant find the mistery box
jcesarprog wrote:
just did the hh race and cant find the mistery box

Not only you:
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I think it would be cool if there was some description of the event available in-game. Hovering over the event basically just says to go to the forums and check. I am also curious what the odds of winning are. Even if you qualified for everything wouldnt the odds be extremely low given the amount of prizes available?

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