The Fall of Oriath: Returning Characters in Acts 6-10

seanxjohnson wrote:
Toshis8 wrote:
Characters that are dead are back again. Nonsense.

You're playing a game where you run around shooting elements, making blades fall from the sky, and summon zombies to fight hordes of monsters. But sure, characters being resurrected is NONSENSE.

some people just have a really weird definition of "sense" and "nonsense".
This game has the worst gameplay:art ratio of all time. The gameplay is superb but the art style for the characters is just so bad. There are a few exceptions like Deodre and Kaom, but 95% of the game is ugly as sin.
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Bidoas wrote:
666lol666 wrote:
minezeye wrote:

That Fidelitas looks like Gruest , probably transformed by meligaro

Many people would like to kill that guy. ^^

I think Perhaps its Toleman?... we never did get him off that rack in sins... we got the jewel but maybe we where too late.
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who dat mermaid dough
Toshis8 wrote:
Characters that are dead are back again. Nonsense.

Yet you believe that statues, standards and other inanimate objects coming to life would be perfectly normal in this game, right? Have you even been through Act 3 and Act 4 yet? People that have been dead for centuries (if you read the lore, you would know) come back to life to fight you. Hell, even Piety makes a 2nd appearance after "dying" by your hand. (Or is it 'undying?' Or 're-dying?' Or was her death simply death with benefits?) :P

Und3rscor3 wrote:
who dat mermaid dough

I would reckon that's Merveil.
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looks like awful lots of chaos dmg
This is awesome!
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3.0 is going to be EPIC!
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This world is an illusion inside an illusion inside another illusion, with multiple players on each plane.

/roll 4d6
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