Get the Purple Portal, Purple Weapon Effect and Purple Footprints Free with Twitch Prime!

So I live in Brazil so my character won't be able to have those items : 3 Feels so nice ggg, thanks!
This is probably gonna be a stupid question, but can we cancel the trial or whatever after we sign up for the free trial?
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
Im from Germany BUT DOSENT WORK FOR ME WHY????
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I was about to buy another Supporter Pack in the 3.0 also..

And I am also thinkin in not doing it anymore after this...

Feeling really excluded from this promotion...

Are we not worthy of gettin free MTX just because we are from Brazil??

I expend all my week in game, I doubt players are more active than I am, and I am still not worthy of free gift... fine...

I'll think very careful in next package aquisitions.
Thanks again GGG!

"Do you know the true meaning of purple, Exile?"

"Why yes, yes I do!"

Also hush with the whining the pre-announcement partnership thread was enough. Life isn't fair, Wraeclast isn't fair, and nor are promotions. Get over it.
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Since I'm from the EU and 'not worthy' of free MTX even though I spent 1k+ on this game ... yep not spending a single euro anymore. It's an insult to expect players outside the US to pay for something they get for free.

exactly, they can forget about my money too. i was contacting them for a future paymend plan. GGG can forget it. not giving them a single dime anymore. Discrimination..... at least they should make it free for everyone else like a month or two later, but no, we can buy the "free MTX"
And... here we go again. The Salt Mill is back on full boom again. I seriously hope they get a really big Discount that at least would be equal in price to the Prime Cost.
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mattislouie wrote:
This is probably gonna be a stupid question, but can we cancel the trial or whatever after we sign up for the free trial?

Yes you can with like 2 mouse clicks.

But I am pretty sure that 10% of the people are not aware of this and gonna miss that Amazon is take 67€ from us at 22nd of June.

This makes me really angry that GGG gets a big promotion, but Amazon will make a ton of money because the entire playerbase is going to forget about this.

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