The Fall of Oriath: Act Seven Teasers

0:10 is she ok?
Yeet Yote Yate
nby2001 wrote:
0:10 is she ok?

She simply channelled her inner fire wolf.
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NacyusDrako wrote:
You there! Let me bend you over for a moment!

It's Let me bend your rear for a moment !
Not the worst 17 seconds I´ve spent...
Damn it looks alright!
tell me, you re not going to harm Yeena in any ways
W00DS wrote:
Not the worst 17 seconds I´ve spent...
Some people will applaud even for 1s video.
GGG just dont forget rebalance every monster and boss damage, after nerf to ES this is needed.
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Imaginaerum wrote:
Then play Grim Dawn or Diablo 3 if an inventory menu is so important

I do believe you have missed the point, sir. It is not so much a matter of the absence of inventory auto-sort being a deal-breaker (it isn't), but that the supposed explanation for its absence - that it would make items somehow 'less important' - is a silly one.

Valiren wrote:
So GGG officially supports FIRE FOX now? lawl

Will we have to think in Russian?

Cicindela wrote:
Spider with mechanical things. Hello, Arachnotron from 1993 Doom U_U

-image redacted-

GGG, you're trying to remake Doom's monsters in your game? First some goat "god", now mechanical spider...

Since you invoked it, a Doom ARPG wouldn't be unwelcome. That said, the WH40K universe will have something close...
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